Dear DNR,

Where is the rad waste that is stored in the now-collapsed cavern at Oxy 3?

How are you planning on retrieving it?

Are you implementing a freeze wall or any serious measure to CONTAIN it?


4 thoughts on “Dear DNR,

  1. Cuba has gotten into doing the rock and roll.

    M 4.3 – 26km NNE of Marti, Cuba

    DYFI? – III
    Time2014-02-04 21:19:31 UTC-06:00Location23.168°N 80.821°WDepth12.6km

    • I saw thar. And big quake swarm continues around Puerto Rico. And volcano in Guatemala blowing off.
      I will do a Central America round up soon. I got side tracked by Yellowstone.
      New readers – Yellowstone is covered here because some people think the oil extraction over last decades in N. America has made the Craton Plate more creaky and more quake prone.

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