Cavern? What Cavern? + Wednesday News

We have no idea if there is any cavern left at Oxy 3.

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On oil and gas tight control of local media – [sent in] –

Don Briggs is president of the Louisiana Oil & Gas Association. Don Briggs is a lobbyist. Someone just informed me that Don Briggs is also on the editorial board of the Lafayette Daily Advertiser? No wonder it is so difficult to get information out about the expansion and addition of the natural gas salt dome caverns under Lake Peigneur and the problems with the Chicot aquifer.

In Feb, 2011 after I was interviewed on a TV station, someone went to the station & stopped them from doing anymore interviews about Lake Peigneur.

Will  reporters will be coming to the meeting in Lafayette at the Clifton Chenier Center on Thursday night? The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. and run until 9 p.m.

Retired Lt. General Russel Honoré, leader of the Green ARMY, and John Barry, founder of Restore Louisiana Now, will lead a public discussion on threats to Acadiana and Louisiana’s drinking water, air and coast at the meeting.

Mike Schaff’s response to Don Brigg’s article.

10 thoughts on “Cavern? What Cavern? + Wednesday News

    • I think what crashed into Oxy 3 threatens the giant butane caverns next door. Up on top you hit them with a tennis ball they are that close!
      But a guess. I have no underwater remote controlled sub to look around down there.
      And loose nuke waste is never stable.

  1. Stuff, debris has been and will fill the void. That Butane cavern is close, if not already falling apart. I wonder if Texas Brine has taken any preemptive action by syphoning cavern 1?

  2. Looks scary. Speaking of Lafayette: Does anyone recall the name of the Lafayette architect-environmentalist who was trying to stop the highway through swampland west of Lafayette and who just happened to get hit by a big truck ca 2002 or 2003? Or know what happened to the case? It really had to have been a hit. He’s the same one who tied himself to an old 300 yr old oak tree to save it and they cut it down in the night while he slept. Very sad. On the nuclear waste: is there any additional info about their being such waste besides the Texas Brine NORM letter? Was the NORM mentioned supposed to be concentrated from the brine well itself or injected from the oil and gas industry? Just read that some of the Rad waste in the leaking Asse II salt dome in Germany is reputed to be from the old WWII Nazi nuclear program! Lots of stuff online. I think Asse II is the leaking one though there is an Asse I it seems. At least the name is easy to recall. Gotta give it to the German language which calls it like it is.

  3. Did the DEQ change their name or where are they?

    Finally recalled that there was a search button on blogs. I’m putting this in for those who weren’t subscribed in Sept. like me or who are forgetful like me and who are lazy, like me. Pretty scary:
    “This is reminiscent of the illegal waste disposal that was discovered several years ago at St. Gabriel. The community complained about illegal disposal of radioactive waste. DEQ sent a team to investigate who determined that there was no problem. Complaints continued and a second DEQ team investigated and again said that there was no problem. Finally, a legal action attracted the EPA who found widespread contamination. The responsible party had no worth so the site was cleaned up with Superfund support. The cleanup took over one year and cost over $1million.”- See more at:

    • Wed. Erin Brockovich was on CNN talking about Elk River chemical spill. She said EPA was basically untrustworthy when it came to testing drinking water for safety. Not in those words but implied it.
      DEQ just keeps saying everything’s OK.
      They are on the sidebar under ‘gov.’ section.

  4. Do you know the name of the DEQ person in charge offhand? Not saying they are trustworthy, although you might find a lower level person to talk with at DEQ if you go snoop around, though this far into the crisis it is unlikely. They also don’t necessarily have much of a relevant educational background, anyway. The “survivors” keeping their jobs in these state bureaucracies may be sly but I don’t think they are as bright as given credit for. They also generally aren’t that well educated. There are probably some honest people somewhere within the EPA. There are some smart, educated people in Federal bureaucracies, though they may be the exception. However, it IS their job and they are paid to do it and the La DEQ even put answering questions on Bayou Corne as part of their work detail for which the taxpayer is paying them. So folks need to make em work. You can go demand public documents too, and they are supposed to give them to you, though they may charge a fortune per page, they have to let you see them. Don’t worry if it’s BS, people can still go pester. Seems like a lot is online. DEQ-DNR appear extensions of the gov’s office, always notorious for alleged and even proven corruption. Look at the Pat Norton-Rollins case in N. Baton Rouge. The smokeschool web site is good on this. Norton got sacked for doing her job. Rollins illegally burned rad waste as late as 1991, according to BR Advocate. I see on your side-bar that DNR was in conflict with Texas Brine is how something might be expected of them. Also, they licensed it. But, DNR is officially tied to oil and gas industry and gov office so they seem the least likely to help. I’m almost certain that the oil and gas taxes go directly to pay for DNR jobs. If you want to hold someone’s feet to the fire or call them out on things like leaking radiation and oil and gas, it would be the domain of DEQ (and EPA). It wouldn’t hurt if everyone held DEQ and EPA’s feet to the fire. especially as they ARE paid by taxpayers. They can be called out and pestered, if anyone is brave enough and energetic enough to do it. I think the Japanese have it right by protesting in front of PM Abe’s house. In the US there is some possibility of embarrassing people at their churches. Some of these are people who don’t care to be embarrassed whether at church or in community. Have to wonder if that Jim Welsh guy is a member of the KKK. He lives in St. Francisville, La. He’s from Laurel Miss which has one of the only still-active KKKs in Mississippi. Don’t know if that is relevant anyway, or just interesting. This was scary:
    Jim Welsh “served as a technical expert on USEPA’S regulation negotiation team to develop the national rules for underground injection of hazardous waste, he served on DEQ’s NORM Advisory Committee, and participated in drafting Louisiana’s comprehensive ground water management plan.”
    This article is clear for latecomers, though I’m sure it’s on here already:
    “Louisiana sinkhole radiation abuse and cover up continue” November 30, 2012
    This was that related case:
    “EPA Will Address Contamination at Coastal Radiation Site in St. Gabriel, Louisiana”
    Release Date: 9/16/2002!OpenDocument
    Actually the arrogance and stupidity seen in some of the EPA documents and seen historically and probably currently in LA DEQ makes me want to both throw up and get drunk…luckily these two urges don’t mix well so neither happens.

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