Strange Sounds Reported At Yellowstone Lake – UPDATED with NEW QUAKES There

From Strange Sounds –  “Yellowstone Lake is a place where millions go seeking solitude and silence. Well, not quite! Some visitors to the Lake area have experienced remarkable celestial sounds of unknown and unexplained origin. And nobody wants to talk about it!”

story + video (video from 2011) –


Earlier post on Tuesday about Yellowstone.

UPDATE, Feb. 11

M3.5 quake at Yellowstone.

UPDATE, Feb. 12

M3.4 quake at YellowstoneMAP  It is around 12 miles from Yellowstone volcano. More on the volcano. It is not mentioned by USGS.


42 thoughts on “Strange Sounds Reported At Yellowstone Lake – UPDATED with NEW QUAKES There

  1. You have to be there to get the true sound of this when Norris Dan is spilling water over the Dam it ever shake the ground.
    This is a rare event.

    April 26, 2013

    Fontana Dam Spillway Water Release.

    This dam is so high they cannot spill it over the top.

    • They have a problem with big rains and snow melt in the NE. Many, many small dams 100 years old and over cannot take much stress and no $$$ to replace them.

  2. Do these helicorder signals look familiar? The never before heard be me alleged frost quakes occurring shortly after Christmas along with this report and others in the northeast are concerning. Officials keep pushing the blame off on other known events. When the sounds could be from technology that has yet to be made public. Or simply a build up to the same events documented before then great New Madrid earthquakes around 1811. Could even be a Government project using HAARP and other technologies for some unknown goal.
    “We’ve had sonic booms in town before, but this seemed different,” said the firefighter and paramedic. “It was more sustained, and then there was a pause for about a minute and then it started again.”… Late in the day, the Navy owned up to scheduling two supersonic flights off the Atlantic coast Thursday from its test flight facility at Patuxent Naval Air Station in Southern Maryland….“At this time, we are confident that the supersonic flights were the cause of the felt reports…F-35 and an F-18, were in the air…Weather officials at the base said the sonic booms the aircraft created could have likely traveled further than normal…

    Baltimore Sun – Boom, then rumble leaves Ocean City puzzled

  3. Why is there no flyover of the sinkhole what is going on.

    Bayou Corne Sinkhole: An Update on the Louisiana Environmental Disaster 1, January 11, 2014.
    The whole area was moving toward the sinkhole.
    The earth’s crust moved horizontally about ten inches between June 23, 2011 and July 2, 2012 when they did their flyover measurements.
    Tidal action was observed, in sinkhole.

  4. FCF, et al,

    Fairly recent release by Off topic but related to the overall:

    Take the time to watch it and then “Have a nice weekend.”

    Actually, there is hope, but this nation will have to want it bad enough to repent and turn back to Him and His Kingdom/Will on earth; NOT ours and what we THINK is right, but what He says is right.

    When it hits the fan, be on the right side of the fan.

    Seek Him while He may yet be found.

      • Just watched a lot of the video, Chris. It seems to be a recap of what most of us are aware of, still concerning though. In the video there is talk about the sea levels rising with climate change. Someone on here recently pointed out that when I’ve melts in a glass of water, there is no change in water level. However, the oceans are not a glass or bowl of water with the ice under the water level or equal to it. Another experiment might be to place ice in a glass and then fill it a quarter way up with water. When the ice melts, that water will certainly be higher in the glass. The ice at the poles is, at many places way above the water levels. And the glaciers on mountains that are melting and flowing to the oceans weren’t sitting as ice cubes nicely in that ocean before melting. Extra water. At least, that’s what my science experiment showed me. Ice above the level of the water raises the level of the water when it melts.

      • mittensmitten,

        I’m sure most here are aware, but I’m sure there are new comers from time to time that may not be.

        I’m familiar with freeze water it expands, melt ice, it contracts.
        So, what does that tell us if the water levels are rising ?
        The coasts are sinking.

        I posted it because it’s a recent presentation and the guy does such a good job.

        Thanks for the reply.

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  6. Chris, I must apologize! I truly didn’t mean my comment to sound like it did. Must be the Friday night dull brain.. I appreciated what you showed and I meant to say that this is a group of folks that would appreciate it. Sorry again!

  7. Read this links.
    There is more ice in the ocean then on land and in your experiment was the ice cubes floating.
    climate change and water level.
    Current sea level rise.
    You can put to many boats in the ocean and make the sea level go up.
    The beginning of the Little Ice Age 1250 AD
    Is climate change all just a recovery from the Little Ice Age?
    What the climate change people don’t want you to see.
    Magnetic North Pole Positions 300 AD

  8. About the mysterious sounds at the lake in Yellowstone… I live in louisiana, and at one time lived in a neighborhood that had a small bayou running through it called bayou Chinchuba. My home practically backed up to the bayou and back there was also the community’s swimming pool. At night in the summertime, you could hear different species of frogs all murrmering at the same time back there. From my yard, it sounded like a crowd of people talking or whispering. Really, it sounded like ghosts or spirits playing in the woods. It used to freak me out and was also very cool at the same time. It happened every year, summer after summer. Maybe this is the source of this sound at the lake in yellowstone, frogs in the woods. Just a thought.

  9. Hi – It’s my understanding that 10″ of snow = about 1″ of water & that water weighs more than an identical volume of ice but I don’t know how much more…

    • Snow at really cold temperatures is flufy and light. Snow at temperatures near freezing is more dense and heavy. Water from 10″ of really cold flufy snow has less liquid volume than 10″ of near freezing dense snow. I think meteorologists generally figure 3″-5″ of snow to 1″ of water.

      • Pound of snow = pound of water, same for ice. Volume is the difference would have to go back to some old physics an oldie but goodie..

  10. Anyone notice the SCALE of the borehole helicorders is set PRETTY HIGH? Like 10,000 and 20,000 microvolts? Since the others are set at 500…just an order of 20 and 40 order of ‘dumbing down’ of sesmic activity….

    • really huge activity other side of the Pacific from Tonga up to Indonesia …
      Fukushima hit directly by 4 big quakes in last 3 days…

    • that article has great graphics (the charts)…
      my only worry is it is from Turner radio and I have no idea who this is although lately the articles pop up from there.
      I do think something fishy is going on there … or else we just took one barrel too many from the oil layer and have set the Craton plate sliding ….

  11. Do any of you know anything about booming in the Waynesboro, Mississippi area? My niece who lives there says it is sounding a lot like thunder; however, I don’t see any thunderstorms in the area.

    • I might have that in the documents page or the methane page.
      One of these science papers I got permission to reproduce for free.

  12. I send something about a New study, published in the Dec. 13 issue of the journal Geology 2013.
    It did not show up on your web site.

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