Sunday – LA14 Grumbling Again

We have to wait for quittin’ time to see how this turns out –



It continued these growls all afternoon . . .
And LA17-02 growled at 3:45 p.m. today . . .

It looked like this Saturday too.

And it looks a lot like Friday’s graphLA14_Feb7_2014



Texas Brine put out a fact-sheet on observation well “de-watering“. Crosstex got off their butts and put out an “update” for Jan. 31st. It’s only a week out of date or so.


Compare to Jan. 30.

It  looks like the crooked oil & gas lobby is getting really nervous about anyone opposing them – Oil industry, ‘Green Army’ at odds – They forgot to call their opponents crazy.


30 thoughts on “Sunday – LA14 Grumbling Again

  1. I think they lost one or more of those caverns recorder at sinkhole LA-21 and LA-11 and LA-10 not working right LA-14 it not working like it should, there not telling people what going on, and they stop all flyovers what am I to think of this get as far away from that sinkhole as you can, it could go boom.

  2. On January 17, 2001, natural gas stored underground in Hutchinson, Kansas leaked into empty brine caverns. Two explosions resulted from the leak. One destroyed two businesses and damaged 26 others. Another destroyed a trailer park killing two people. Sinkholes and gas leaks formed all around the city and the gas had to be slowly burned off.
    Gas explosion

    April 08. 1992 BRENHAM, Tex. Gas Explosion
    Robert Riggs Reports Brenham, Texas Deadly Pipeline Explosion

    • Thanks Walter. This is so important for everyone to know in case they come back around to trying to put nuclear waste in salt domes. They were back with that idea last year-wanting to put it in Mississippi salt domes which were considered no good for oil or gas! For the time being they seem to be back at Yucca but could come around again when no one’s looking. The Germans were stupid enough to put rad waste in a salt dome! Storing stuff like that is just stupid.
      You and Cuttlefish need to start working on books on the sinkhole–one factual; one novel.

  3. I was trying find a web site that has the candidate designs for the Louisiana Park Quarter that come out in 2015.
    Do the people in Louisiana have a say at all on what goes on there park quarter ?

    I was thinking for Tennessee Designs Selected it would be a outhouse on a hill.
    Candidate designs for new 2014 Great Smoky Mountains National Park Quarter.

    Is there a candidate designs web site for Kisatchie National Forest in Louisiana park quarter that come out in 2015 ?
    Louisiana America the Beautiful Quarter

    • There’s a couple of interesting pieces of information about the Kisatchie National Forest in one of your links, Walter…there always is 😉

      “Originally recognized by the federal government as an area of preservation in June of 1936, the Kisatchie National Forest is home to a wide variety of recreational opportunities and wilderness areas. In fact, the Kisatchie Hills Wilderness is over eight thousand square miles of protected forest, canyon, and bayou country where people can hike, camp, picnic and ride horses. Locals often refer to the wilderness area as the Little Grand Canyon, given that its carved canyon and riverbeds resemble the much larger formation in Arizona.”

  4. A while back I heard about a 72 hour window to Martial Law. It pertained to banks shutting down over the weekend. Some Banks across the southwest are shutting down for an “Emergency Preparedness Drill”. They are to reopen Tuesday. 72 hours down. Don’t know for sure if this is the signal of the countdown or not this is just a heads up.

    • That sounds very fishy to me. Hang on to yr hats as end of this month is dangerous debt/bond thing coming up.
      Luckily, I am already broke so I will be almost unaffected by total meltdown!

    • Tony,

      Whether it happens this coming weekend or not, it will come sooner or later. When it does, whoever has anything in a bank affected thereby, will be “locked out” for a while and will loose part of it in what is called a “Bail In”, similar to what happened in Cyprus, and likely be given something like stocks in the bank.

      Although this type of event will cause much “wailing and gnashing of teeth”, it won’t be the end to it all as the worst is yet to come. There’s a world reserve currency reset just around the corner that will “make men’s hearts fail”.

      This is part of the judgment from The Almighty as we, in essence, as a nation have “Flipped The Bird” at Him, took the deceiving lead of the Edomite Banksters and said:
      “Give us a central bank (Federal Reserve – 5th Plank of The Communist Manifesto) like all the nations around us that we may break your Law of ‘Thou shalt not Steal’ by way of Fractional Reserve Banking”, instead of adhering to His economic mandate of: “You shall not have a diverse weight or measure in you bag.” Physical gold and silver (more to silver than gold) is His mandated method of payment for goods and services.

      But hey, what would the creator of the universe, The Great I Am, the Owner and Ruler of All There is, know about such things as economics ?!

      If you haven’t listened to Jim Willie’s latest interview that I posted, go back to the post prior to this (Strange Sounds … ” 2-7-14 – Comments) and scroll down to the link provided for it. He has his finger on the pulse, so to speak, of the larger geopolitical and economic picture.

      Here’s a couple more of his latest articles:

      “Come out of her, my people, that you may not participate in her sins (breaking His Laws) and that you may not receive of her plagues (e.g., among MANY other things, economic collapse and financial ruin).” Rev. 18: 4.

      “Mystery Babylon The Great” has all the markings of The Babylonian Debt Money System and it’s about to come down “in one hour”.

      There is a solution to it all, but most will not hear and take heed. I think you will, though.

      • I am afraid they will stage a big war-theme event to distract from a big banking hocus-pocus trick.
        They will say Iran moved a nuke somewhere or Syria is a UN crisis etc. etc while they meddle with currency, devalue gold or some other scheme.

      • FCF,

        The false flag events will come for sure and likely multiple. In fact, I think they’ve already started (e.g., WV, SC, Lab Virus release, etc.); the wars as well. Did you know we’re currently involved in wars in southern Africa?

        They can only devalue paper gold and silver (i.e., COMEX and LBMA futures contracts. The COMEX has been leveraged 100: 1 for some time now and the LBMA’s vaults are virtually empty).

        That will soon end. Whoever has physical, is hanging on to it and not selling to coin shops, etc. Did you know that premiums on pre-’65 U.S. dimes, quarters and halves are at a high right now?

        There’s a very good reason that 1 Chase Plaza (J.P. Morgan Chase HD. QTRS. [a key stock holder of The Federal Reserve Bank of the U.S.], which contains the largest private gold vault in the world and, as the long arm of chance would have it, right across the street from the key branch of the Federal Reserve bank – The NY Fed. Bank) has been sold to China for about 1/3 it’s value. There appears to have been a default. Think something similar to a “Short Sale”, if you will.

        “God is not mocked. One can not sin (break His Laws) and get by.” But,we’re not in the clear either, unless we repent and say to Him: OK, we’ll do it your way.” Then, individually, Acts 2: 38, just for starters.

        The Scriptures have much more to do with National salvation than they with personal. The personal part is just the first step or beginning. “Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done ON EARTH … “.

        When it comes to “having other gods before Him”, think STATUTES not statues.

        Malim in se (evil in and of itself as defined by The Great I Am, the ONLY lawgiver) vs. malim prohibitum (evil because someone determines, or legislates, it to be evil).

        The only way to save this nation is to turn back to Him, His Perfect Moral Laws, Statutes and Judgments, i.e., His Kingdom/Will On Earth.

        “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, And I will give you rest. Take My yoke (i.e., His Law 1 John 5: 2 & 3, as well as His tithe [tax] system) upon you, and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart; and ‘YOU SHALL FIND REST FOR YOUR SOULS.’ (Jer. 6: 16). My yoke is easy, and My load is light.” Matthew 11: 28 – 30.

        He told us that if His people ” … shall humble themselves (e.g., quit thinking we’re the sovereign, take our proper place and quit usurping His), and pray, and seek my face (e.g., He’s to be the ONLY law giver), and turn from their wicked ways (e.g., enforce His Laws, Statutes and Judgments); THEN will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

      • A lot of talk about March 4th. We’ll see how the vote goes in Congress for increasing the debt ceiling. The main thing is to remain vigilant. Been hearing of impending disasters for sometime now. Nothing has happened but I know something is close. I can feel it unfortunately I don’t know when.

      • Tony,

        The “debt ceiling” is not only irrelevant, it’s an illusion, a mis-direct and a distraction. You don’t “have to wait and see how it will go”, as we already know how it will go.

        This is all scripted. Look beyond what they put before your eyes. Pray for guidance and He’ll give it to you, if you’re one of His.

      • Tony,

        See what I mean?

        Bill to raise the debt “ceiling” passed. Can go to 17.2 T. Good for 15 months. Ready for the Obamanation to sign. Surprise, surprise, surprise. Oh, what a shocker.

        Good thing too. Otherwise there would be parks and memorials closed, but no problem with billions for no win wars, foreign aid, military propped up local police, etc., etc., etc., as well as extremely expensive vacations for the Obamanation and his entourage.

        It’s all scripted and a ruse. The Manchurian Candidate type Obamanation (as well as his predecessors) and Congress are merely “Middle Management”.

  5. I remember finding an article discussing cap rock fracturing, I think it was in Texas. Not sure if this is the same article but it looks promising:

    “One finding of Phase III research is that history and type of resource recovery have a tremendous effect on the hydrologic and structural stability of a salt dome. Exploration, development, and production around and within salt domes cause tectonic and hydrologic instabilities that can extend beyond the immediate area and affect surface and subsurface structures and engineering works.”

    “However, we recommend that disposal of toxic liquid wastes in salt caverns be discouraged until further research on potential risks is completed.”

      • TO: 16 Penny that one great find a lot of reading but it should tell us a lot more about a salt dome.
        Did I spell that right the word find or is it fine.

        It look like that sulfur in the cap rock in a salt dome is very important to holding the cap-rock together.
        Can a salt dome cap-rock lost it integrity ?
        What can make salt dome start subsidence that would be natural and man-made.
        That figure 1 page 23 show how a surface crack can happen.
        It look like there more them just sulfur for cap-rock there many types of cap-rock off hand I just don’t know how many for now.
        Whatever the mineral it’s important to a salt dome to keep it’s cap-rock or ground water well come into the salt dome.
        Too much reading for me for right now.

      • I think these constant quakes at Bayou Corne have cracked the cap rock. Just a wild guess… but seismos cannot be good day after day!

      • Walter, yes, I am still reading the first post too. It was new to me. One interesting thing about the caprok in the second link is that it contained layers of bitumen between the layers of rock. That would make it self sealing to a small degree, obviously not for big fractures or punctures. What has me scratching my head is that they had all of the answers about salt domes in their hands in 1985 when the first report was published. The Bayou Corne frac out was a foreseeable and preventable industrial accident. Whether or not geological events contributed to the formation of the sinkhole, they knew about this a long time ago and the state as well as the company accepted the risk of this happening when the first permit to mine was issued.

  6. Walter, “find” is correct because it means to locate. In this cass 16Penny found(located) the articles on cap rock.

    • Good i was never good at spelling.

      Noctilucent Clouds
      Poisonous Space Clouds Slamming Into Earth Cause Mass Bird And Fish Deaths
      Upon the solar wind breeching our Earth’s magnetic field, this MCHS report asserts, these poisonous Hydrogen Cyanide Noctilucent Clouds would be carried down into the lower atmosphere where they could, literally, “poison in seconds” flocks of birds in its path, not mention the force of these winds by themselves would cause massive trauma and instantaneous death.

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