What Happened at Lake FUBAR at 4 A.M. ???

The helicorders all going off at 4 a.m. –

Was it this giant M6.8 quake in China that they say happened at 4:20 a.m. CST?? The graph jumps right after 4 a.m. – just a few minutes after, not at 4:30. A few other  big quakes there hours before. Zizhiqu is above India on the map.     RSOE mapUSGS says it is M6.9.

Around 3:20 a.m. LA21 showed a big sag . . . well before the China quake.



LA14 –


LA14 is even worse  in the afternoon… but maybe work/machines play a part in it. The only way to tell is to watch and see after quittin’ time (6 or 7 p.m.).




Officials seem to think this is all O.K. and will continue with the CODE 1.

LA11 is still broken. What does all of this shaking do to the butane caverns?



Assumption Parish has missed the big freeze affecting much of the south today. Current temp. is on the upper sidebar

New Madrid Fault Connection?? >  (CNN) — Eight Corvettes fell into a sinkhole that opened up beneath a section of the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky on Wednesday.


ALSO – New quakes at Yellowstone. Scroll down to Feb. 7 Yellowstone post for the  update.

New Orleans Times-PicayuneRay Nagin, former New Orleans mayor, convicted of federal corruption charges

Fracking with Acid: Unknown Quantities Injected in Texas


14 thoughts on “What Happened at Lake FUBAR at 4 A.M. ???

  1. FC, thank you for the work you put into following this. I do not comment often so I just wanted to say it is nice to see the notations on the seismographs in your posts. I know they do not generate themselves automatically, thank you and wow that is some activity. I was a little surprised to see it be more active on the North side. Maybe that is near the next big slough in event.

    • I don’t have the knack of making those screen grab videos everyone does like Darrell Goad.
      17-02 is way below the surface so what’s going on there? Plus it’s north of Lake FUBAR.
      I think they are having trouble keeping the ground filled in around the evaporation tanks.
      We’ll see if anyone does a fly over!

  2. The Bowling Green sinkhole is from Kentucky karst. Maybe earthquakes can set them off more quickly but collapse was imminent. http://underbgky.org
    I wonder if the factory uses ground water and caused the sinkhole? Better the cars of rich folk than some other things.

    According to this Kentucky has been fracked since early 1800s (for water). They are doing nitrogen fracking instead of hydraulic. http://eqc.ky.gov/Lists/EQC%20Meeting%20Minutes/Feb.%2021,%202013%20Meeting%20Minutes.pdf Fracking places the WIPP facility in danger too.
    Glad to see Cuttlefish icon back. I missed it.

    I have read that the Wabash fault may be worse than the New Madrid. Those interested may want to check and see.

  3. We got snow coming down in East Tennessee.
    East Tennessee Weather it hard to get right.
    They said a slight chance of snow now there saying 2 to 4 inches where I live.
    The Cumberland Plateau Mountains there calling for 1 to 3 inches of snow, in the Valley in Knoxville is 3 to 7 inches of snow, in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Gatlinburg 2 to 6 inches of snow, and the Great Smoky Mountains 8 to 12 inches all the way pass Asheville NC.

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