Radiation Leak at NM Salt Dome (Updated) + Weekend News


Doctors fear kids’ brain disorders tied to industrial chemicals

The helicorders are on ‘fuzz’ mode.


The helicorders are still on ‘fuzz’ mode.

The Rise of the Crazy Ants – They are in Louisiana

4.5 quake in Georgia (US)

San Miguel (Chaparrastique) volcano (El Salvador): increasing volcanic unrest

Warning signs of a possible new eruption of the volcano in the near future are becoming increasingly alarming. . .

fireradiation NM salt dome: New Mexico Nuclear Repository WIPP Monitored for Radiation

           Possible radiation leak at New Mexico military nuclear waste site

(Reuters) – Unusually high levels of radioactive particles were found at an underground nuclear waste site in New Mexico on Saturday in what a spokesman said looked like the first real alarm since the plant opened in 1999.

U.S. officials were testing for radiation in air samples at the site where radioactive waste, such as plutonium used in defense research and nuclear weapon making, is dumped half a mile below ground in an ancient salt formation. . .

This report says the radioactive product stored in Carlsbad, NM was going to returned to use as a weapon(!). It is verified the Russian nuke waste is in the NM salt dome (see previous posts here about it). The weapons assertion is unverified

Catastrophic Nuclear “Event” Prompts New Mexico Evacuation Fears

“. . . . As to why the Obama regime wanted to eliminate USEC [United States Enrichment Corporation], Federal Security Service (FSB) intelligence experts contributing to this report say, was for the diverting HEU Purchase Agreement uranium for the purpose of reconstituting it to its highly dangerous U-235 level to conduct experiments at the WIPP on what is called nuclear salt-water rockets (NSWR), which is a proposed type of nuclear thermal rocket designed by Robert Zubrin that would be fueled by water bearing dissolved salts of plutonium or U-235. . . .”

Feb. 16 RSOE update has info about the truck fire in the salt cavern.

Feb. 18 – Intel Hub – Ultra-high levels of radiation have been detected and may still be spewing into the air as crews try to prevent the further spread of radioactive particles


” . . . . a sample radioactive swipe taken at DOE’s Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in New Mexico returned a Plutonium reading in excess of Millions of Disintegrations Per Minute per square centimeter.

Such a reading would indicate that Plutonium was spread over the DOE site at a concentration very roughly around 1 gram per square meter. Given that the Plutonium would have had to come from an exhaust vent at the site, the airborne PLUTONIUM concentrations leading to such a surface level deposition must have been MUCH greater. Readings at that level would also imply an underground fire and/or explosion.

“Interestingly, suspicion has also been raised that this “radiological event” may have been previously ongoing and actually covered up by officials as a “truck fire” prompted an evacuation of the underground facility just 10-days prior.”

LINK – http://youtu.be/FsnHHzA9iT0

This fellow says in his video (4 min. in) that the above story is disinfo put out by an Iranian news agency.

LINK –  http://youtu.be/2XXbkT8-hfE

ENE-News will be following this story for more updates. Airborne plutonium detected outside troubled U.S. nuclear facility — Expert: ‘Radiation event’ appears to have occurred, leading to a release; “Levels are highest ever detected” around site

Feb. 20 – Plutonium amount in the air (source unknown) – graph.  From a comment on the ENE article above.

Another entry from the blog Pissin’ on Roses -has plutonium leak info.  UTMOST ALERT! ~1 Bq of AIRBORNE PLUTONIUM + AMERICIUM Detected: The Document Trail Points To a RADIATION INDUCED EXPLOSION At DOE Plutonium Disposal Plant < has video

Twitter feed on #WIPP

Lab: Radiation detected above ground near WIPP site east of Carlsbad

WIPP Plutonium Leak Amount Confirmed



9 thoughts on “Radiation Leak at NM Salt Dome (Updated) + Weekend News

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  2. Too much interesting stuff! I had worked out that if Germany was the biggest miner of uranium for the USSR then the waste from Megatons to Megawatts , which I guess is what was in WIPP?, was German. There was an expt. underground at WIPP – but it’s supposed to only be something SMALL, but they could still have screwed up. I want to post that but with all that’s been going on there is no time.

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