Save Lake Peigneur says Save the Aquifer!

Take steps to protect La.’s Chicot Aquifer

Save Lake Peigneur Inc. has been asking for support from Louisiana legislators for eight years.   About Lake Peigneur

  Our request has been in reference to protecting the drinking water, which supplies 15 parishes, or an estimated 1,126,173 Louisiana citizens, as well as protection for the schools, 4,000 residents, town and environment surrounding Lake Peigneur. . . .

Contact your rep.:
Let your voice be heard this legislative session: LouisianaVoice’s handy dandy legislative guide

7 thoughts on “Save Lake Peigneur says Save the Aquifer!

  1. I can’t say if you have this links already but with all that water withdrawing from the Aquifers the ground under your feet is dropping.
    U.S. Department of the Interior U.S. Geological Survey
    Principal sources of fresh water in southeastern Louisiana.

    Click to access sim2984.pdf

    Surface Water Assessment of Three Louisiana Watersheds

    Click to access 0302WU.pdf

    Figure 2, Map of the United States (excluding Alaska) showing cumulative groundwater depletion 1900 through 2008.
    New tool arrives to fight salt water intrusion July 17, 2013
    There a map on this page under Related Document name ‘Model of Projected Saltwater Intrusion’ click on it.
    Subsurface saltwater intrusion at 2,000 feet.
    Land Subsidence Related to Decline of Artesian Head at Baton Rouge, Lower Mississippi Valley, U.S.A.

    Click to access 088021.pdf

    What are some effects of groundwater depletion?
    Over-pumping of ground water.
    Saltwater Intrusion
    Land Subsidence

      • Ms. Reesa — something terrible has happened at LA14. I don’t think it is fluid movement. Just there, not the the other helicorders.

  2. Yes, the terrible thing is that the monitors are almost pointless to the public. It’s either on the fritz or a machine of some sort is sitting on it. The monitors that matter are turned down so low that if a 9.0M struck directly under one of them, it wouldn’t register!

    • If LA14 was really as active as the monitors show I don’t think a workman could even stand up straight on it… so I am beginning to think it is broken like LA11.
      I have been putting up pix from LA14 all week.
      I am tapering off now since that seems to be a tech issue and not a seismic event there.
      We’ll know for sure if the evaporation tanks fall down! 🙂

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