6.7 Caribbean Quakes – Tues. News – New Fly Over

There was a huge quake at 3:27 a.m. Louisiana time about half way between Puerto Rico and South America. Just east of Martinique.

Martinique-Barbados area today:

The Puerto Rico quake swarm is heating up! 4.6 twin quakes in Dominican Rep. herehere.  218_carib The quake swarm between the Dominican Rep. and P.R. continues. It has been going on for months.

Maps are at Radioactive Chat.

The radiation news from New Mexico’s salt dome accident is updated on this weekend’s post.

The parish blog has an update, they are still at CODE 1.

New Fly Over Videos:

LINK –  http://youtu.be/54HeYMVL4dA

LINK –  http://youtu.be/7KHatNYUMoI

The berm road doesn’t seem to be stopping the oil crud at all.
Check out this “dead zone”:




23 thoughts on “6.7 Caribbean Quakes – Tues. News – New Fly Over

  1. The quake at Martinique may seem trivial to some but not to me. I know some may not subscribe to the Edgar Cayce predictions. If it is not appreciated here let me know.

    However he did predict that when the large volcano known as Pelee erupts again fairly close to Vesuvius erupting in Italy, it is the beginning of the end he calls it. Close to a polar shift. If I recall right, he said within three months of this, large areas of Nevada and Utah will be inundated by earthquake due to what is known as the Wasatch fault line.

    • the earth has been shifting for the last six years. “The Great Lakes will spill into the Gulf of Mexico. Japan will fall into the sea”. So much on the pallet right now from natural disaster, financial collapse, to the genocide of humans across the globe. Only one way to turn for answers and I don’t belief CNN or Fox will give you insight. Pray to God, there is power in prayer.

      • Last night Mike Malloy (radio on the net) had a rerun rant for the holiday about being tired of living in a science fiction movie.
        I am also tired of a science fiction movie.
        The only thing I can say about being hit by an earthquake today is my last breath will be “Thank Gawd I don’t have to worry about BILLS anymorrrre!!!”

      • I am sort of the same way cuttlefish, the right side of my thyroid is swelling (probably fukushima) so I have one foot in one world and one foot in another! 🙂

  2. O.K. I finally found the link I was looking for. I have posted so much stuff over the years it is hard for me to dig it up! 🙂

    What seems to be missing at present are “noticeable eruptions” at Mt. Vesuvius in Italy or Mt. Pelee in the Caribbean. According to Cayce, when either of them begin “noticeable eruptions,”we should expect major earthquakes along the southern coast of California within three months. He also predicted a pole shift following closely on the heels of volcanic eruptions by Mt. Vesuvius or Mt. Pelee. He predicted the discovery of Atlantis .. this took place off Florida with the location of the so called Bimini wall, huge stone walls under the Atlantic Ocean and he also predicted the Hall of Records would be found in Egypt at the paw of the Sphinx. Sonar appears to have located it. How long it will take for the general public announcement however is debatable. Egypt is heavily under sway of the west due to very valuable objects still under the sand and it is very valuable real estate.


    Atlantis has been discovered.


  3. Google prophecies about an asteroid or meteor strike predicted to hit just west of Puerto Rico in April, which would generate a tsunami traveling 500 miles per hour, hitting the US East Coast and Gulf at 5 am… This impact will hit those Caribbean plates, causing an earthquake of 12.0 or higher, strong enough to stop the Earth from rotating for 3 days… Supposedly FEMA and other government agencies are stockpiling supplies and coffins to bury the dead… Such an impact could also set off the New Madrid Fault, creating a Mississippi River 50 miles wide to the Great Lakes, while Louisiana and the Gulf Coast states could be underwater if those plates collapse.

    • most of this scenario seems plausible. I don’t know about the asteroid hitting earth in April though. That seems too much of a pin point time for an asteroid to hit. That can happen at any time, but the chain of events you describe as a result is very plausible. I feel Louisiana will be no more.. but what makes me wonder is how wide of Louisiana will be no more?

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