How Nuke Waste Gets Stored in a Salt Cavern (PHOTOS)

From Nuke Pro rad_Y_tiny   – WIPP Info, Email from the Lab to Nuke Pro

Has pictures of steel drums prepared for storage in a (corrosive) salt cavern.  “Transuranics mean rads with a higher atomic number than Uranium.     Its the nice way of saying PLUTONIUM!”

ENE-News Just In: Radioactive waste containers may be “smashed and opened” after roof collapse at leaking U.S. nuclear site — Official: We believe there’s been a breach… “It’s a very serious thing” — ‘Seismic event’ mentioned — High levels of alpha and beta radiation detected (VIDEO)

More Carlsbad salt dome nuke disaster info < from our earlier post.

For further updates see
Pissin’ on the Roses blog
ENE-News (and the informed comments there)


4 thoughts on “How Nuke Waste Gets Stored in a Salt Cavern (PHOTOS)

  1. Thanks. You don’t sleep much do you? If you go on wiki it shows how much trouble they have propping the WIPP roof up. I saved the pic for our still unfinished WIPP post. Started the WIPP post after you notified me and almost immediately saw that fire could have been caused by the explosive gases from a leak. It could still be in a filled section of the storage. They say it’s panel 7, the one approved last fall but there are 6 full and with a water leak could make rad gas. Also, could be a collapsed roof there. The smoke from the fire came out of the north but according to a gov diagram that’s the only ventilation. Ventilation and elevators are on the north side and storage more or less south.
    This is a sad day but maybe it will stop them from being able to put rad waste in the other salt bed-salt domes that may run from the Gulf up to even Arkansas. I think one German rad waste salt dome leaked and collapsed in about 10 years and the other in about 20 years. WIPP is 15 years old.

  2. Forgot to ask if you noticed that the cans say empty? I wonder if those are the ones they put together and then compress into a tiny box and then put in lead. They certainly aren’t secure looking, and I see no vents. The people don’t look dressed for rad either.

      • The WIPP wiki article has some good pics. I don’t trust RT very much. They are Putin aren’t they? I’m convinced that Putin’s grandfather poisoned Lenin and gave us Stalinism. I had a neighbor who thought that the USSR was a continuation of the Czars. I think he’s right. Nothing’s changed there.

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