Bubble Update From Conservation

Unrelated fer sure (sarc) ….

Hey, look! Acadian Gas is on the job! Last update from them:


This Advocate article makes it sound like Acadian Gas had nothing at all to do with the bubbling discovery. They put out an “update” for Feb. 24 tonight. No mention of bubbles.


At about 4:20 p.m. Wed. all of the helicorders went out for about a half hour. What happened? LA18 shows it well.

DNR  put out an inspection reportCrosstex has a 2 day old “update” . . .


Assumption Parish Police Jury

Bayou Corne/Grand Bayou Response Activity

Following confirmation of the new bubble site on Grand Bayou, north of its crossing of La. 70, Assumption Parish Incident Command and the coordinated state agencies have made initial investigations and begun taking action to ascertain the source, including determination of whether scientific evidence supports the likely assumption that it is linked to the gas released by the failure of Texas Brine’s Oxy Geismar 3 cavern, and to ensure public safety.

The bubbling is occurring directly above the area where Acadian Gas recently drilled a horizontal boring under the Bayou as part of its effort to re-route a pipeline to replace pipeline capacity lost when the sinkhole formed. Acadian has already tested its two existing pipelines in service at the same crossing, and found no indication of leaks.
The Office of Conservation and its contracted agent CB&I have taken…

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17 thoughts on “Bubble Update From Conservation

  1. I feel we are on the edge of a catastrophe in our area here after listening to this:

    Behind the scene peace deal will divide the land of the country that is forcing the peace deal. That country is the US.

    Will God use our Louisiana as the spike that will start the splitting of the Madrid fault?

  2. Bayou Corne Daily reports by company

    I was looking at Assumption Parish Police Jury web site trying to find out just when they found that new bubbling site.
    After a quick look over there web site I found out i don’t know what I am doing first I don’t know where bubble site 56 is or the new bubbling site.
    I say they gave it a number.

    February 6, 2014
    10:30 a.m. Update from the Office of Conservation

    Building platform at bubble site 56 passive vent well

    • The new buble site is a little above the intersection of 70 and 69 … probably about 2 blocks walking. My art map is guestimate as they just say it is north of Gator corner and the casino is called gator something.

      • Once you take a left onto Hwy. 69 at Gator Corner from the sinkhole, then go approximately 200 yards to where the dip in Hwy. 69, (that has been re-surfaced several times since the sinkhole began due to sagging) and precisely DUE EAST about another 50 yards is the bubbling site. It is huge! and it is following the path of ancient fault lines. Bruton is also terribly endangered up just north of the Racetrack on Hwy. 996, just off Hwy. 69. They are actually drilling close to a home back there, just begging to release another line of least resistance. The methane is traveling north, west and east, since the aquifer is pinched off south of the sinkhole (about 5 miles south), and that is along my own expectations, yet puts the lie to the lips of DNR/TB/Oxy claiming they have the gas under control.

      • Yes. Sounds like the scenario.
        You need to get a movie edit gizmo and add subtitles to the last information meeting video they put out … with those long long graphs they put on the wall.

      • freedomrox I wish you had a map to go with what you’re saying.
        I have never been there so I don’t know where North or West is I am lost wherever Gator Corner or Racetrack or Hwy numbers or bubble site 56 are at down there.
        You talk about sagging in road.
        That dip in road I thank your right that is a fault.
        East valley wall trend
        Baton Rouge Fault Zone
        Maurepas trend
        Effects of Geological Faults on Levee Failures in Louisiana.
        Gravity Slump
        They got a good maps of southeastern Earthquake in Louisiana and trend and fault lines.

      • Walter, I put a little drawn on map in the early post. I put hwy 69 and hwy 70 on it.
        Gator Corner is right at Grand Bayou & Hwy 70.
        Grand Bayou is the stream on the right and Bayou Corne is the one on the left.

  3. What truly pisses me off is that Acadian was using an horizontal shallow drilling rig, in a swamp, under water even, (and I am convinced hit a gas pocket and opened up yet another avenue of escape), yet Hecox and the rest claim that they cannot do the same under the neighborhood. Again, this is just another lie. It is expensive, and TB nor the State wants to lay any money down for the resident’s, but have no problem using the same equipment for a pipeline. Yes, indeed… we know what their priorities now. Beyond a doubt.

  4. DARN! It is up to the victims to PROVE it–$$$. But right on the drilling flakes! Horizontal shallow drilling rig, in a swamp, under water–works just fine, thank you. And can not be that difficult! Of course..it may have punched a hole in a gas pocket. Just how big is that Hwy 69 bubble site? And how soon for the “fingerprint” from the authorities? With the ongoing ‘sagging’ or subsidence under the highway at that location, hope they don’t sit on their hands…

    • Am I wrong, or aren’t they still waiting for the fingerprints from the original Bayou Corne sinkhole bubbling? I haven’t read the outcome of that, but maybe I missed it somewhere. If it hasn’t been disclosed to the public, I’m thinking all those folks involved with creating the mess surely know. Have those original fingerprints been identified?

  5. 1300 + PSIG, that’s incredible! A steel pipe that’s 3/4″ think okay, a salt cavern with a history of failure in the vicinity, CRAZY! That is 1344 pounds exerted on every square inch. That is hugel

    • Maybe they were turned down because of it! 😉
      LA14, we think, is just broken and unreliable. Lots of work going on at that corner of the berm.
      No big tremors recorded so no new pictures.
      Maybe it calmed down because all of the gas is rushing toward Gator Casino!
      Seriously … they turned all the helicorders on to micro-micro setting so they are no fun anymore.
      Watch the Acadian site and look for pictures and you tube videos from locals… maybe on facebook.
      Send to comments if you see anything good!
      Who-is-where is on the MAP page (left sidebar).

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