Yoichi Shimatsu talks about the large amount of plutonium contamination at New Mexico because of raging fire below.
Audio file (2-24):

Fire At Carlsbad Nuclear Waste New Mexico


Compliant local news media and lying scientists exposed by Dana:


More on what’s happening:

Link –

From Mining Awareness – We need to stop talking about WIPP or Hanford or Sellafield, etc. and start talking contractors and subcontractors and “consortium” members who are at various sites and which ones have, or have not, messed up repeatedly and dangerously; which ones harass and fire safety workers, etc.”  [ article has details on the contractors ]

New Mexico was strong-armed by DOE –


SOURCES WE LIKE  who cover the WIPP disaster

Nuke Pro is covering and has science info (unlike the disinfo put out by industry-friendly anti-scientists).
The cavern isn’t holding old gloves. It is holding radioactive weapons waste, plutonium and the most dangerous materials on Earth.
WIPP Busted Dead to Rights, they WERE Storing High Level Waste WIPP

74 One Liner Lies of the Nuclear Cartel

Archives of stories on our blog about Carlsbad salt cavern nuke storage.

Many papers on subsurface environment technology from Sandia labs. It has a lot of documents.

Constant news updates since the Feb. 2014 “burning truck” disaster are on

 Continuing UPDATES can be found at the Fukushima Hounds’ Forum thread on it.

 NOTE: The accident report has been added to the Salt Dome page in the nuke waste section.


  1. Is pretty sad. I sat thru the video (hours), like you did FCF, and there is so much hidden from the public. On checking out the links from NukePro and POTR, turns out some interesting news of note–First–a Sole Source procurement for Defense Threat Agency (Kirkland AFB) for 1200 radidation suits to be delivered by mid March. That’s why they are waiting for a couple weeks. Scary..they did not have that kind of product on hand.its a rad waste facility. Now these might be for somewhere else..but I doubt it. Second the calculations of what contamination came out(And some still is) in the ‘plume’ shown on the map –just read POTR. While I always like to do my own calculations–its a starting point for questions. The .03% ongoing emissions mentioned, based on an ‘up to’ 99.97 HEPA filter capabilty for an UNRATED air filter..could be releasing a lot of poison into the air. The video mentions the .03% as a given, its not. Its relative .03% of 4.4 M is a lot more than .03% of 100! . DOE is trying to hide dosage from the public with different measurements like DPS, DPM; plus they mention the lesser AM amounts not the PU! Sounds just like Bayou Corne–except Texas Brine and State of LA are more like amateur players compared to DOE and WIPP. They use the playbook too..

    • … and there are NO jobs there … so locals were very happy to see a big high budget (they thought) fed facility open in their area. Old pictures of them smiling for the camera when town made the pitch to be home base for nuke waste. It’s in early reports about NM here.

      I added a sidebar button link to that post to make it easy later to check the news from there.

  2. Thanks so much for providing this video. I have been looking for experts on this fire and this man knows his stuff. Am very impressed by all the info you provide!

    With all the gas/fires down there in Louisiana, is this normal and not been reported or are we seeing a spike in these incidents? I am concerned with what is being stored at Lake Fubar and its dire potential…especially with the new bubbling…jeez! We really have a mess on our hands. Now the conspiracy theorists underground shelters make a whole lot of sense, especially knowing it’s been created NOT for us little folks.

    • To be fair the rad waste at Bayou Corne is way less than what’s in NM I am pretty sure. MOST of the cavern storage at Assumption Parish is empty space to pump gasses into and out of. The NORM and TENORM (rad waste) at Bayou Corne is (they say) contaminated soil. But definitely not good to be seeping into water etc. as cavern collapses.
      No agency has made any statement about getting the rad waste out.
      And DEQ, DHH have been blase about the rad waste issue.
      But if something happened with the butane and there were fire, smoke, explosion the air would be possibly contaminated. But not as contaminated as New Mexico’s plutoinium cloud.
      Lots of flaring in Louisiana but this is the biggest (not first) salt dome collapse near homes. I don’t know how big the Weeks Island salt dome collapse was before they stopped it with a freeze-wall.
      Bayou Corne officials lie when they say it has never happened. Weeks Is. was in the 90’s (95?) so not ancient history.

  3. Can someone please tell me the source of that plume picture is? Searched and cannot find it. Worked in the private .industry [nuclear power plant] years ago, and in drills the accuracy of that plume was critical. and changed as the wind did. Is it because this is a DOE operation and others decided to make a map as they did not?

    • Figured it out – the map was created on Bobbys blog. He has done a lot of blogs on Japan’s mess – that is all I know about him. Sure hope folks did not evacuate because of that map!

      • hey, here, an idea … since nuke industry investors have 100% control of all major “news” outlets in the US and they don’t have any control here …. why don’t you go join them and comment at CNN, NB(“GE”)C, ABC etc.

        If we want to see this type of info the WIPP P.R. team dishes out we can all go look at those sites.

      • Just looking for the truth. That was a scary map used by a lot of folks who never gave credit to it’s creator. Hope I never have to use my passport to get out dodge, by the time I realize I should of, it will probably be too late!

      • My vegetable garden did not do very well last year, compared to previous years. It was very wet and spent a ton of hours shoveling dirt on exposed roots washed out by rain. And my blood pressure hit the roof every time the officials declared we are still in a drought! ARGHHH!

  4. Leuren Moret begins talking briefly about the Waste Isolation Pilot Program(WIPP) at 20 minutes into the video.  She begins the video talking about Fukushima and later mentions the BP gouns in yet another destruction of humanity event. The whole video is informative in that you will and have never heard this information from MSM, the people we trust to tell the public of important happenings in this world.
    Mesmerizing: Leuren Moret on Carlsbad NM Radiatio…:

    • ya … love her.
      Years ago (before fukushima) she wrote about them towing the radiated ruined ships from Bikini atoll to SF Bay to dump them near Oakland to watch effects.
      Bunch of crazies.
      I watch Dana every night.
      Carlsbad is a glowing hot mess … getting worse every day.

  5. Guess what..the WIPP Contractor got a 1.9 Million dollar BONUS just after the has to wonder if our hard earned and paid tax dollars mean ANYTHING. Hey I want MY SHARE…

    And EPA has listed PU at 2 bq/kg as being ‘interventional level’. There was more than that on some of the soil…..WIPP and DOE just covered up with a mass dump of PU into all the other radiotopes..or only measured for AM..gads.

    • wow — I wonder how much I would get if I took all my trash out of my house to the yard and used the heap for an outdoor toilet for a few weeks!
      I should get 10 thousand or so just for that!
      Double bonus if I rake a bunch of leaves on top and set it all on fire!
      Neighbors will love me!

  6. This can’t be good for WIPP. Flyingcuttlefish, I emailed a couple google earth images to you of the Carlsbad area’s relationship to WIPP AND a closeup of WIPP. This would give readers a better understanding of the area.
    Carlsbad, New Mexico is getting hit hard with flooding rains.
    Arroyos Running High and Fast in New Mexico.

  7. Many people were concerned about WIPP.  However, they were up against the US Government.  I found this documentary on in the artical listed below.

    ‘Worst Case Scenario’ has happened at US nuclear site — Robert Redford film predicted 2014 WIPP disaster: Plutonium release due to chemical reaction in burst nuclear drum is ultimate catastrophe… Most significant issue is combustible waste exposed to high heat, everyone understands that (VIDEO)
    Robert Redford: We now know that 40% of the [WIPP] hazardous waste is combustible, thus posing a more serious and immediate threat.

    • yes, those containers don’t last at all. Leuren Moret said they couldn’t last 5 years in durability tests so they just destroyed the study that said so.

  8. This might sound racist if I wasn’t a border half breed, but sources we trust because who they are and where they live? (Think, senor’..) have been telling us that Hanford is not the only place having Anencephalopathy babies going on. Juarez is too, but you don’t see any news about it at all. Just wanted to put that out there…

      • Hi –
        If you look at the map below Carlsbad down into juarez you see they get it from the water. The north gets it on the wind. We are south of Las cruces on the edge of the affected area.
        Now, juarez is bad, worse than people can imagine and you can commit any eco toxic crime there to make money, so only G-d knows, but the no brain baby stories are more recent. Since the WIPP started. No one is telling anyone in Texas or mexico but it’s already been there awhile. knows for sure, it seems like it. As far as other poisons and conditions there? Might as well be sau paulo

      • I believe you. Isn’t that area a tax-credit, worker exploitation zone for American manufacturers?
        And wasn’t a serial killer activer there who is being shielded by Microsoft? A Microsoft employee suspect.

      • Sorry I never saw these, net idiot. I only reply now because there are several serial killers operating in Mexico and torture/rape of women hit “fad” levels but may have cut back some. Like other countries, mexico is just as likely to cut the real number in half or give one half of what the last reported number was.
        I forget the name for the mega assembly and line factories but yes, bus shuttle them for all shifts.
        Indian killing has gotten pretty bad again especially for mayans. The mexicans I know don’t want to go down there, unless they absolutely had to.

      • Yeah … I think most US women paying attention to that serial-killing-in-Mexico-factory-zone story + Microsoft connection.
        Sometime ago Ed Opperman mused the killings are way too close to Bush-co’s Waco to not be connected. Some of these super drug lords use human sacrifice (as suspected in mass student murders now being protested).
        I thin he was talking about Gen. Aquino when he said that. . .

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