Breaking: ACADIAN GAS PIPE LEAK <<<< NEW! Not the "other" thing!

From the Parish Blog

Acadian Gas has reported that a check valve on their pipeline has opened and is currently releasing gas into the atmosphere.  The loud noise [!!!] emitting from this check valve can be heard throughout the Bayou Corne community. Pipeline workers are on site and currently working to isolate the pipeline to reset the valve. . . .

Where was this 24/7 manned site Acadian guy who is manning the place 24/7???

Where was this 4-times-a-day Acadian guy who is checking the place 4 times daily????

Parish blog update says they have it all stopped.


34 thoughts on “Breaking: ACADIAN GAS PIPE LEAK <<<< NEW! Not the "other" thing!

    • just highlight it.
      This isn’t designed for mobile phone.
      Wordpress said this format would show up on them but it was an overstatement.

    • Annoying as it maybe not to mention time wasting, in such situations I copy the text and paste into Notes which makes the text eminently readable. I use an iPhone and assume a similar workaround would apply to other smartphone types.

      • I know it looks awful on a white background. I tried to fix it with WordPress-recommended design for mobile phone but it’s a big DUD. Thanks to WordPress.

  1. Guess the 24X7 was on paper…they should provide a list of people and hours for this 24X7 coverage..and make sure the darn music ear phones are pulled out of their ears..or A__. (note: FCF I am making sure this is G rated..)

    • haw haw!
      You know that is pure Bee Ess that they have anyone there at all.
      Probably bee hives over the door and cobwebs on the inside of some shack full of mouse doo.

      • No they have it manned, however, the staff keep getting sick. No, there is no correlation to the environment, just coincidence. Management have promised to do better candidate health screening to alleviate the problem. 😳

  2. This is going back to yesterday’s post about the WIPP and ENENEWS’s post that the officials there never thought what ever occurred there could ever occur. It just leaves me absolutely shaking my head in wonder. Who the heck are these “officials” and how are absolute crazies being put in charge of a facility watching over some of most toxic substances on earth?? Truly, just makes not one bit of sense to me, I just shake my head and continue shaking it in wonderment. Even I, with absolutely no nuclear training, can comprehend this nuclear waste danger. Sorry (kinda) about the rant. So much that happens through the manipulations of the 1% are incomprehensible.

  3. I think they live in computerized MODEL world..where they ‘proclaim’ the rules and situation and then plan from that..Sad for them..this is NOT model world..and there are no computers playing games with them. Not to plan for the possible corrosion and mixing of these TRU materials is criminal. TRU means radioactive materials heavier on the isotope charts than Uranium (does not mean the WEIGHT or size of the particles). The stuff is HOT. Of course..they probably wrote the rules when only clothing and shovels etc were in the containers..when they added the EXTRAS from Savannah River’s WASTE WATER NUCLEAR REACTOR shutdown..and got rid of all the SR junk to clear out their radiation dumps..who knows what is put into WIPP? They were proud to dump and save money by sending all to WIPP! Saved billions on paper. And onehas to wonder about canisters transported across the USA..if they were so radioactive they were robot loaded. Somewhere..there is supposed to be an IMMEDIATE online, Access/SQL database with all containers and contained items available for WIPP and other repository locations. So..probably WIPP can show what was in SECTOR 7..unless they were dumping illegally. They would not do that would they? Would they transport high radiation materials without telling the public? I am not saying they did.not saying they did not..but an inventory listing would sure help to tell. If people start retiring, quitiing etc from management that would be telling..

    • And lots of groups have had many critical comments (see above) along the same lines. They can certainly show the facts and concerns better than I can.

    • Nuke Pro points out they keep saying “transuranic” when they MEAN plutonium.
      And the press FALLS for it!
      Oh, and they have waste in there going back to Trinity test… says (You Tube guy) Kevin Blanch.

    • Look at those nukes that went missing from Dias Air Force Base in Texas. No paper trail–just poof. The elite have their ways.

      • I heard (and believe) missing/crashed planes from the Osprey project at USAF were just a scheme to funnel money to secret ops. Ones attributed to crashing etc. were never built in the first place.

  4. Love the comments. Love the green text. I found this interesting statement. Interesting for LA sinkhole and WIPP: “Low concentrations of plutonium in environmental samples with high salt and organic matter content cause signal suppression and make it difficult to obtain an accurate plutonium determination. Preconcentration and matrix separation are typically required in these analyses (Epov et al. 2005; Figg et al. 2000).” Don’t know yet what the last means but they probably didn’t do it in Louisiana. Who knows for WIPP. Some of the people running the show are pre-computer generation and pre-computer model generation. Maybe they are the sorts of people who don’t follow the recipe cooking. Those folks in cooking class whose food you had to throw away while the teacher wasn’t looking. Only this isn’t food, it’s radioactive! Cooking class and chemistry lab are almost the same, except one is bad food and one dangerous. It’s a wonder they survived chemistry class. I think most of those running the show must be on cocaine if that’s the drug that is supposed to make you take crazy risks. Isn’t that the one? A grad student found increasing levels of cocaine in the drinking water in Zurich, Switzerland, even during the week, which might be a clue re the banking system. Supposedly drug addicts do anything to get the money quickly and they don’t care about what they do. Sounds like a lot of politicians. Just a thought.

  5. Beyond Nuclear, and The Sierra Club, among others are claiming March 11 to be, in remembrance of the Fukushima catastrophe, a day to unplug as much as possible from electricity from the grid to show our resolve to get away from reliance on nuclear energy. Which is great. Maybe every 11th of each month, since 9/11 is significant, we can remember to unplug as much as possible. Change can only come from us. Interesting, this past week I was with my son’s family in NYC and at night we rewatched the first two parts of The Lord Of The Rings. I kiddingly told my son and his wife, as they were discussing boy names, I thought Frodo was a good choice. When I returned home, I found a newsletter from a local environmental group I’m involved with ended by the editor stating he’s rereading all The Lord of the Rings books and quoted the words JRR Tolkien gave Gandalf to state after the fall of Sauron’s army (written in 1947, just after Hitler). “Other evils there are that may come. Yet it is not ours to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the (betterment) of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those that live after may have clean earth to till. What weather they may have is not ours to rule.” The editor of the newsletter reminded us that we are all Frodo.

    • unplug? How about driving to yr local nuke plant and parking yer car in their road and BLOCKADING them??
      They only get away with mass murder because no one interferes with their “work”.
      …. except Megan Rice!
      Kevin Blanch doing a big protest on the west coast that day.

      • I absolutely agree, but how many people can actually do that? We can individually, and as groups, be involved in protesting all that these murderers are doing, but until we recognize we are addicted to their drug and start our own painful withdrawal, how do we put the pushers out of business?

      • I think they are in the biz of making the weapons isotope by-products… not energy.
        Quit subsidizing them, I say.
        When anyone does anything meaningful they get prosecuted as a terrurists. To terrify other opponents.

      • After 911 security got ramped up immensely at power plants. Huge barriers were put up to prevent truck bombs from getting close. Last I knew retired police and the National Guard are there in addition to their private security forces. You would only get arrested , or worse if you attempted to breach the secured area. I can guarantee you they generate electricity and make a lot of money selling it. We also know the gov makes and sells bombs to the whole world and makes a lot of money on that too

      • The plant I worked at was in the country and the bright high mast lights occasionally attracted drunks, some thought it was the entrance to the thruway which was very far away. They where quickly surrounded by many uniformed personnel with very big guns and other equipment which always commanded compliance to orders of halt or… One was an under [drinking] age girl and her friend who borrowed Dad’s car, imagine how that phone call went!

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  7. Flyingcuttlefish, please fish me out of the SPAM bin. Several of my comments I sent in last night have not showed up in the “comment” section. You know you’re doing a good job of informing the readers when TPTB try to make life difficult. I also emailed you the page from last night with my comments.

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