Thursday News

New Orleans Times-PicayuneJudge orders Oil and Gas Association president to appear in court Tuesday or face jail “Mr. Briggs has been subpoenaed, which is basically an order of the court,” [att’y.] Shows said. “Mr. Briggs failed to appear in court and the judge was not satisfied with the reason for his failure to appear. She has commanded him to come before her court Tuesday morning and respond to the subpoena.”

  • (The Times-Picayune is covering this gasbag, Briggs story very well)
  • His testimony (transcript)

Louisiana Public Broadcasting show, The Public Square on these oil guys, entire show. Lt. Gen. Russell Honore blasts state lawmakers for environmental damage, but downplays chance of run for governor

” . . .  The salt-dome collapse in Assumption Parish, he said, was because the company that owned is legally allowed to regulate itself — in other words, they can claim to have done nothing illegal because there is so little the law requires of them. Not only that, but the company is four years behind on its taxes — and the state couldn’t figure out how much it owed, because it had not been monitoring the company’s activity, Honore said.”

WAFB – Residents who remain near Bayou Corne sinkhole say they’re losing faith < has video

NOTE: Added to the right sidebar is a link to our post about how to follow the news from CARLSBAD, NM.



6 thoughts on “Thursday News

  1. Good discussion on LPB’s The Public Square last night. Had to leave so didn’t get to watch the last few minutes. The commitment of the Green Army members to expecting industry to operate more responsibly and respectfully in our state seems to be pretty strong. Their efforts are getting attention. There are so many persons in our state who do care about these issues but just don’t even bother to get involved because they know how criminally corrupt our representation is. I think the population’s hope will build and more will become involved as time proves that these folks mean business…if they just keep up the momentum. The folks in New Orleans area and Jefferson Parish, maybe even Slidell area feel the urgency to tackle these issues much more than some other areas but every area of the state is effected in some way or other by industry. I tell ya, Terrebonne/Houma area…got a lot of work to do with the political leadership there!!! And, they’re going down faster than anywhere else! It will take the strength of all the people of this state to make the changes that are needed. It won’t be easy. I am so impressed by what those Green Army folks have accomplished so far!

    • Beside checking the Green Army facebook page for news, residents interested in taking action (phoning writing letters etc.) on upcoming important votes can check LEAN’s website. And on the right sidebar, under ‘TAKE ACTION’ is an art link to their page with all the addresses and tel. numbers etc. of everybody.
      It is important to show up and speak out BEFORE any votes. March will be busy.

      • Yes. Trying to keep up. Just have to make it through another daughter’s wedding. Wedding is night before gathering at capitol. I will be there…exhausted…but there 🙂 Letters…well, I’m working on it…in spare moments…

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