Carlsbad situation way, way worse than reported

ENE-News: New tests show plutonium reached millions of times normal levels at WIPP site . . .

Note – salt caverns have some vulnerabilities with . . .  decay. They are not granite.


From ENE-News story above comment … it is not a run-away rumor that the USAF ordered those radiation suits. PROOF

93 thoughts on “Carlsbad situation way, way worse than reported

  1. Its really nasty. And guess what..surprise surpise, governement allowed Scandia Labs to put a high temperature disposal test lab down in WIPP. ..beauitiful diagrams. ENENEWS has all the documents:

    San Angelo TX radiaton monitors are high..not clear from what as it does not measure alpha (PU), Gamma or beta only). Now one other product of WIPP is AM..and it does emit gamma..but for that increase, is it likely?!!…So no idea right now what is causing the elevation, but its up there. Exposure is exposure…

    • I was going to not do constant reports on Carlsbad … but this is crazy! All kinds of crud flew out of there into the air.
      And they are tripping over their lies.

      • Dana mentions Austin & Phoenix under the radioactive plum from New Mexico in this 1-hour video. He talks about the Carlsbad, New Mexico’s radiation problem off and on for the first half hour and interjects comparisons to Fukushima. In the second half hour he talks about other trouble spots with radiation problems.

        Watch “New Mexico Nuclear Fallout Blackout : Fallout Destroyed Japan: 80% Fallujah Babies Deformed” on YouTube

      • The ratio of PU to AM at WIPP in that contamination . A Ratio of close to 5 to 1.(from POTR figures on the 33 minutes the HEPA filters allowed the radiation to stream out before they were turned on) So if that is correct..and the Am241 can be identified by its gamma..just add a factor of 5 to obtain the PU contamination…if all you get is the AM amounts..(Pu238 and 239 combined). nasty…and likely the best the AM241 is picked up from gamma radiation so not all the contamination by AM, the alpha part, is identified. But with AM241 amounts..the PU in the WIPP in a ratio close to 5:1. More PU than AM..chilling…

      • Do you notice all of the official photos from WIPP showing workers fiddling with these filters with NO face protection, no gas mask or anything to keep radiation-dust from lungs.
        It shows how ignorant the workers are to go along with a work order like that.
        No paycheck worth death.

  2. What is even worse, in 1981, govenment found brine pools under pressure in walls of the saltdome that was later to become WIPP. Frankly..brine + heat = REALLY increased pressure..and could go BANG!! So a theory of ceiling collapse could be really fact. Its still leaking at .3% of whatever is down there. 13 workers so far confirmed as having contamination; others are being or have REQUESTED testing..the company grudgingly agreed to that in a news conference. PM of contractor, like TEXAS BRINE, is downplaying any and all danger to private citizens…sad sad sad. The ‘private citizens’ are paying HIS salary!!!!

  3. Ceiling collapse is mentioned ‘ceiling fell and broke open canisters’…its bad folks..downwinders now have a whole new meaning..pretty serious event now.

  4. And the 1200 employees of WIPP..must be breathing a sigh of relief..the US government just put out a bid in NM for 1200 radiation suits. NOW just tell me why there seems to have not been radiation suits there??? Or is this for more people. Its just a funny number 1200 ordered, and by some chance..1200 employees there…hum…2+2=4

  5. Have said it before, will say it again ENE news only appears to be a fear mongering site. Time and time again their reports of pending doom turn out to be bs. Reminds me of relying on snoops or the onion for news. Been watching this radiation site and everything appears normal.

    • Catbird, Neither NETC nor RADNET picks up alpha radiation. Plutonium is alpha. Also on netc..are you a member?..if so you get to select absolute vs relative. RELATIVE shows the ones over 100 CPM. Over 100 CPM is alert level. MOST are at alert. Am a NETC location. Its good as I am only miles from a nuclear plant, background is slowly rising from an average of 9 to 15 CPM over the past few months, sometimes spikes. I am on the east coast……

      • Catbird is one inch from being booted as a troll.
        Catbird: if you are not a robot send reply immediately, how much is 3 + 8?
        Answer quiz or get blackballed.

    • Catbird, here is another site to watch. Don’t you think that enenews would be called out in the “comments” section if they got hold of bogus information? Maybe you should read the intelligent comments from well educated people to reassess your position. I’ve read similar stories on other sites. Have you watched the video I supplied earlier in the “comments” section?
      Radiation Network

      • Yes the video is very ominous, often wondered if the chemtrails were just another portion of the DOE’s ‘cleanup’ of the dirty bomb sites. Curious your link above does not have stations in LA & NM, seems that would be important. Occasionally read ene comments, but lost respect for them when they flipped out on the Ark plant that went into auto shutdown when the stator failure caused an earthquake. An explanation for the large order of radiation suits is that they figure they will be used one time and never leave the building. The folks that do that kind of work are very brave.

  6. It seems like ENE news just puts everything that comes along and leaves it to the reader to sort out what it true. This way has its pros and cons, but probably the best way for a democratic society, even though it leaves them open to statements such as Catbird. Is it weird that the private WIPP contractor doesn’t speak native English and has a middle eastern name? Just read that f#cking AREVA is one of the parties responsible. Also, in Business Week how Farok Sharif is known for having done a major speed up at WIPP. That right there could cause a busted container though facility failure is inevitable. Did you see the New York Times article that Dana pointed out where they are storing things in boxes! A company was called out on this for Rocky Flats too. Even worse is the picture shows all of the oil wells surrounding WIPP. Farok’s education is simply operations and an MBA. That hardly seems a proper education for such a facility. Where’s chemistry, biology and physics?

  7. Actually, he could also be from Malaysia, Singapore or the Philippines and he looks more like he’s from that area. It just looks strange that a foreigner with so little education and especially so little appropriate education is President. I think that it is called Nuclear Waste Partnerships and he and others used to be at Washington TRU solutions. But, AREVA’s in there too. Just bizarre. However, not as bizarre as Putin’s Rosatom owning the USA’s largest uranium mine or one of the largest.

  8. Pingback: Plutonium One Million Times Above Normal At Carlsbad-Theory Of Salt Chunks Crushing Containers-Acadian Pipeline Spewing Gas Into Atmosphere | Dublinmick's Breaking News

    • We don’t need to dump any more radiation..anywhere. We need to come up with ways to neutralize it. Now that would win a Nobel Peace Prize!

      • JEC, Leuren Moret said that HAARP can be used to neutralize radiation in a video I sent into The Flyingcuttlefish Picayune, Fukashima Update, Cris Busby interview comments section, about comment #40.

    • yeah!! You are not a robot!
      Go ahead and voice opinion here. You don’t have to agree with us all.
      Yucca is better … but isn’t there some seismic activity problem there?

      • Thanks JEC you taught me stuff about plutonium I did not know and did further research. This stuff is just so scary, it is hard to fathom. Praying for our country and our world. It is not that I am pro nuke, just pro truth and that is very hard to find these days!

      • If my days grow to 72 hrs or even before it would be good to examine the earthquake problem. They have 4s but most places have earthquakes which are 4, even from fracking. We need to figure out if it’s really a legit concern or if it’s just that they fear that it will scare off gambling. Nevada is very well organized against the dump with anti-dump info on the state web site. The Casinos have money unlike so many poor places. For the little I read, the concern which sounded the most legit was that upon closure that the humidity would build up causing corrosion and leaks. However, they should not close it but keep it open and watched. Who knows what WIPP is or is not doing but it is clear it is a disaster about to happen if not happening between being salt and having oil injection wells and fracking. It should have been kept open and not sealed either. One thing which would have to be examined is how an earthquake would IMPACT yucca and the contents. Agree that new materials are needed but until then something sensible must be done. On the waterways is also bad. The companies just do NOT want to do it right. It could be done better. Thanks for the Hanford dam leak info. Maybe we need something akin to a hurricane party for all this bad news. I really agree with Catbird. Truth is hard to find and we better get to praying that those who have solutions can get into Fukushima and elsewhere to help and that more solutions will come.

      • I think th ebest thing that would help would be not adding any more to the problem. Stop making nuke bombs. Just sign a decree. 6 cents worth of ink.

  9. Just watched Fox coverage of alert situation in Japan. Why am I so suspicious of this? Why is Fox so concerned now and the State Department telling it’s employees that if they want to come home, they’ll get them out ASAP? My suspicions? When all this radiation hits from WIPP, it’s going to all be blamed on Fukushima. The nuclear government people here probably didn’t expect something so bad like WIPP happening that finally they have to fess up about Fukushima in order to distract from the deep, deep seriousness in NM and place blame for spikes in rad levels on someone/another country other than US. “Look over there!! There’s the culprit!”, when in reality, they’re the same group. Seems like a lot happening here lately.

    • I grow up in Oak Ridge TN there a lot that still secret in Oak Ridge over the years they were making the fuel for the many type of bombs over the years.
      And they did a lot of research over the years out there.
      I got a very low IQ I do the best i can in life with a IQ 54.
      I was there when they first began thinking of storing Nuclear wastes underground in salt mines and the research they did.
      I have talk to people very high in Government over the years.
      Just to name some of the plants that are out there Y-12 , K-25 , X-10 and the list go on.

      About WIPP Ventilation System
      Those people that work there need those Radiator suits and should be shown how to put them on, and work in them.
      I am asking myself just what is wrong with WIPP Ventilation system why is it so unstable ?

      I wish I took the time to see if there was a quake there on the day that happen or days before that happen?

      I say there one time uses radiation suits.
      Hazmat suit

      They got that movie on youtube The Andromeda Strain (1971)

      • Walter You have more knowledge than most of the people I know. Forget about that number someone once told you your IQ is. The tests I have taken, albeit from my brother who was in college and required to test people, were very subjective. ie What does this picture look like? Thought the testing was pretty much bs. Because I saw a witch, and was not supposed to, or because I could memorize a series of numbers made me smart? We are all good at some things and not others, Chemistry scared the wits out of me and think the only reason I passed the HS course barely was the teacher did not want his record to look bad! There is alot of fake science going on.

      • Walter!! You do not have a 54 IQ! You would not have had the position in the military you had if you had an IQ that low. You probably are being humble because it is very clear to me and probably most others who regularly read FC’s blog that you are extremely highly intelligent. Hahahahaha, good try.

    • I agree…point fingers somewhere else.However, since the monitors are OFF or were OFF..the only real proof is monitoring NOW. No one who is contaimated will care WHERE the mess came from..and without proof WIPP will be the cause. Wonder if DOE ever thought THAT thru?

    • a lot of things getting blamed on this or that to protect nuke industry ….
      I think NM population not so skeptical of nuke industry as many.

  10. Mittensmitten, was the State Dept comment on Fox, or separate..have not seen that part. Interesting…yes, they need to look somewhere else..with the dam above Hanford failling and WIPP. And Catbird, thank you . Any links I post..I have already gone and READ the source documents..gag. So pointing to ENENEWS or other sites.I have checked it out. Its a LOT of reading..and finding.
    FCF has a good site here as well..and good ones get attack trolls and care is always taken. All of us are money..not like the hacks and shill/trolls. Someone needs to make up a good picture for us all to visualize of the twits…

  11. Looking at the US State department blub for Japan for the comment referenced above..found they said “The radiation level in Tokyo is similar to that of New York City.” Just great..cause Tokyo is heavily contaiminated…gads…

    • I did a post this week showing Fukushima coast at 2800 nSv/h … and nearby it was 4500. On the FC blog.

  12. I have to apologize-I just went back and rewatched the video. It was from March 17, 2011. Wonder why ENENews posted it yesterday? I didn’t think to look at the date.

  13. FCF..take a look at the helicorders..6.4 eq off pacfic coast of Nicaragua today..and several 5 and 5+ eq tip of south america. today as well.interesting..

  14. Did America Forget How to Make the H-Bomb?
    nuclear bomb-making know-how might forget how to manufacture a key atomic ingredient from Oak Ridge TN.
    The key ingredient name Fogbank a crucial component.

    FOGBANK is a code name given to a material used in nuclear weapons.
    The material is classified Its composition is classified.
    Unclassified official sources that FOGBANK was originally manufactured in Facility 9404-11 of the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, Tennessee from 1975 until 1989, when the final batch of W76 warheads were completed.

    Lithium Enrichment

    Click to access Mercury1.pdf

    More on Fogbank

    One of the ingredient

  15. Y’all….I’m thinking about Catbird’s comments about ENENews and fearmongering. Heaven knows there is certainly plenty to worry about and not be stupid about happening in this world, but I’m feeling purposely led to more concern than needed with their Fox report about Fukushima yesterday. They didn’t put the date on the video and it was tied in with the same reporter, Shepard Smith, who gave the most recent report on “fantastical” stuff. Your blog here, FC, is great. Think I’m going to steer clear of ENENews for awhile though, and I’d been checking it usually at least a couple times a day. That whole fear thing we’ve been warned about by greater minds than mine…

  16. that 6.4 EQ at 9:37 UTC March 2 2014 in Nicaragua west coast area..shows up on the heilcorders..just LOOK at the sloshing then the LA14 is dead..flatlined!

    also a big quake of 6.7 in the Pacific/Japan at around 21 UTC. It shows up too. But the AM quake WHEW…

  17. Here goes Japan once again.

    M 6.7 – 110km NNW of Nago, Japan

    PAGER – GREENShakeMap – VIDYFI? – VTsunami Warning Center
    Time2014-03-02 14:11:22 UTC-06:00Location27.419°N 127.365°EDepth112.3km


      • What about that Crack in Wanapum Dam upriver from Hanover Washington nuclear plant.
        I hope they have water for that Nuclear Plant if they have to drain that dam.

      • There is a headline on it on the ENE-News section of the RSS feed … right sidebar.

      • Last I heard last year was that reactor 4 building was leaning 20% off the verticle and in mushy soil from the over use of salt water.

  18. MORE earthquakes 5+ in Mexico just north of the 6.4 Nicaragua quake. Shows on the helicorders as very wavy lines..tremors..or liquid movement?

    • LA17 looked like sloshing to me …. it could be the foreign quakes … but doesn’t look good at all!

  19. Have noticed some of the alternative news has reported thick black smoke was seen coming from the site when the radiation alarms went off. Do not believe that is correct. The video is from the 2/6 truck fire. The radiation alarms and worker evacuation happened on 2/14 ~ 11.30 pm. Not saying the situation is not terrible, it is.

  20. Met a really sharp young man at the local pub today, [our power went out and figured I may as well keep hubby company]. We discussed many topics and of course since we live near SRS, SC meet many traveling workers who make good money and he is one of those crazy folks who deals in this waste. He assured us, it was not on fire and very little escaped. He has been there and somehow they have bolted fencelike material on the ceiling and those bolts fly out with a huge bang. They figure a bolt hit a container and punctured it, but they [as far as he knew] were still not sure. Most of the waste is used rad worker clothing and rags and such. Somehow they encase the containers in some kind material and the plan is the salt will ultimately further entomb them. They distrust gov and management just as much as we all do, but when it comes down to it, they get the job done, after all their lives are on the line. His grandpa was one of those who thru it in the ocean, shot them if they floated and thought it was alright and maybe his grandkids might ask him someday, what in the world were you thinking? Anyhow, I have been praying hard every time a worry thought came in, and really believe this was a blessed day even though my planned dinner was ruined on the grill!

  21. I’m glad Walter is still here! I was wondering where he went! Are the brain shunts due to an accident? If so probably the old IQ holds. BUT, it gave me an idea. Maybe the whole IQ scale is upside down! Maybe that’s the trick! Because Walter knows all of this stuff and asks the good questions regarding the dam, for instance, and if Walter was in charge our world wouldn’t be screwed up! Instead we have people who have 154 and 164 IQs who are screwing everything up and killing people. So, maybe the bad people turned the scale upside down! There’s food for thought. By turning the scale upside down then we land up with dummies in power and the smart people without even an opportunity.

  22. A separate question: Do you know anything about the Z plutonium expts at Sandia? This looks like an example of where reality is more bizarre than any of the make believe conspiracy theories! There too is a sure fire example of high IQ and no sense. But, I have to wonder if the New Mexico problem is related to that? WIPP will leak and/or explode if it hasn’t, but it doesn’t mean it’s doing it now. These people are even nuttier than I thought!

    • no, I don’t know who’s who of Sandia…. but I have no respect for these fiends at UC and related campuses and their devil’s work.
      It is bearing fruit and they pretend they didn’t do it.
      I feel no sadness for their huge suicide numbers.

      • I’m told that the expts. involve a huge xray, thick walls and only a few molecules of plutonium. However, I remain skeptical because if they are doing expts. on Pu in New Mex and Pu appears it looks potentially related. Obvious WIPP will eventually leak. But, you can see these jokers deciding to add more Pu because they can!
        How many nuclear trolls do you get per day? We had to temporarily stop comments on the blog. I couldn’t even find your responses because of it. Are there more out because they lost MOX or because of FUKU? The sun post was a bit silly but was meant as much. It was meant to be a marketing thing. We are losing the marketing battle.

  23. In Oak Ridge TN they did a lot of research on salt dome back in the 50’s and 60’s and 70’s.
    They even did research on mud dauber wasps and the radioactive mud they pick up.
    radioactive wasp nests
    Oak Ridge TN Organ Pipe Mud Dauber

    Did those that did the laundry got high radioactive levels from those that work at Nuclear Plants ?

    Do a search there type in Salt domes.
    This is Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in the old day it was name X-10.

    Or you can go to Y-12 National Security Complex and do a search there.

    I like there Library they got there Video gallery.
    Here is one i like From Oak Ridge to the Moon (Y-12 Moon Box)
    And this one Our Hidden Past: Precious Metals

  24. I think my comment went in spam. It was about the z machine. I’ve been told they are supposedly expting on just a few molecules of Pu. However, I remain skeptical that someone didn’t decide to make a bigger expt. and cause a problem. It’s also in New Mex, just northwest of WIPP. How many nuke trolls do you get per day? If you need to comment just reply to my comment. We temporarily disabled comments.
    The only problem with the trolls is they are a microcosm of the stupidity that reigns in the nuclear industry. In many ways they are kind of funny. It’s the likes of Moniz, Mary Landrieu and UK’s Ed Davey and the companies like AREVA that are the real problem. SC’s MOX has been temporarily suspended.

  25. Wake Up World! I’ve started a tshirt campain to raise awareness to the ongoing Radiation release’s around the world. Radiation’ Invisible! $11.50 at

  26. Do you think your spam is a result of the nuclear industry trying to disrupt the site or is it just the fact that so many people are visiting that attracts traditional spam? Is it traditional junk or nuke trolls? I can’t decide who is more stupid acting.

  27. We live on the western edge of the alleged affected circle, which doesn’t make a lot of sense because Carlsbad isn’t a snow globe. We eat for poisoning every day and still trying to raise the money to get farther away. Some people here made $$$$$! So that must be the pressure the doe exerted.
    But the salt domes at Carlsbad were reported to be lousy for a facility and that a facility like that put there would fail within 30 years. This was known prior to the construction and it was done anyway and didn’t last half as long before failing as the pre-construction report said

    • I think these big projects are just to spend a lot of money and really to solve a problem.
      Now there are newer studies showing salt domes aren’t even the stable havens they were thought to be.
      Say, being on the west side (windward side) isn’t there a worry about wildfires? Or is there not so much burnable stuff there?
      Scary watching Alberta.

  28. Allies clap back at Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s resistance to nuclear site near Carlsbad

    “Jun. 13–Local officials said they were “disappointed” in New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham for sending a letter to the U.S. Department of Energy in opposition of a project to build a nuclear waste facility in southeast New Mexico, near Carlsbad and Hobbs.

    The proposal by Holtec International would create a consolidated interim storage (CIS) facility to hold spent nuclear fuel rods temporarily while a permanent repository is developed. . . ” (more)

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