Lake FUBAR Sloshing Sunday

Something happened after 4 p.m. at Lake FUBAR. It made a big fluid movement jump on the charts. LA17 shows it well but it shows on other helicorders too. It may have been set off by Central American large quakes today. Plus the Guatemala volcano is acting up. They can all be seen on the RSOE map.

A good map shown here:



2.5 quake at Beersheba Springs, Tennessee < MAP


2.0 quake at Greenback, Tennessee  < MAP


15 thoughts on “Lake FUBAR Sloshing Sunday

  1. I think your right it look like this one 5.8 Puerto Madero, Mexico earthquake it happen at 22:17 UTC time.
    The bottom recorder LA-10 at sinkhole pick it up at 22:21 UTC time that 16:21 CST time.
    The Arkansas recorder pick it up at 22:22 UTC time that 16:22 CST time.
    M5.8 – 70km SW of Puerto Madero, Mexico 2014-03-02 22:17:17 UTC
    Recorder for the sinkhole and the three Arkansas recorders.

  2. This is a little after 2:30 AM Eastern time March 03, 2014.
    It’s possible we could get freezing rain on Monday where I live.
    Overnight Wintry Mix 100% low 20 F , Monday Snow/Sleet 100% High 24 F , Monday Night 10% Low 17 F.

    And I think Rain and Severe T ’storms for Louisiana.

    This Storm Front or Low Front from Louisiana all the way to Washington D.C.
    What I don’t like about this low front is looking at the radiation levels they are high reading in that low front rain , snow or ice coming down wherever you’re at.

  3. A Asteroid is coming our way 2014 DX110 on March 5, 2014 the Miss Distance is 0.9 LD the Size is 29 m i think that 95 feet across.
    That a small asteroid.
    LD means Lunar Distance 1 LD = 384,401 is the distance between Earth and the Moon.

      • It’s no meteor this Asteroid going to be close

        Asteroid 2014 DX110
        As I said it size is 29 m i think that rock in space is 95’ feet in diameter.

  4. LA11 and LA14 are not recording. LA10, bottom of bore hole..shows liquid movement, one of the first times I have observed the harmonic movement. Other helicorders are also showing harmonic motion. Has anyone considered, other than the few of us, what the liquid below does to the ‘skin’ on top? Like the skin of an orange..more liquid..more slip and movement. With the EQs in Central America shaking up the fault lines…and EQ in the Middle of the Atlantic.there is a lot of stress going on.

  5. New topic, NORM and other radioactive materials dumped into Bayou Corne saltdome. From studies done on other saltdome depositories..the first no water…..see this

    As you read thru you see the warnings of water..and how it migrates NORM another materials. SOMEONE should have done an engineering study to figure out how safe the storage of NORM is in the Bayou Corne saltdome. They DID do studies of the geology and hydrology and effects on environment/ aquifers/groundwater? Right…

    • OH..and an inventory..because we clearly see DOE has an Access/SQL database to track this stuff. Online even. Where is the inventory? At least contractors had to submit invoices..which DOE or ?? had to pay, invoices that listed containers, fluids or ?? that were dumped. Companies come and go.but government keeps records. Anyone have a clue who or where they might be kept?

  6. Sloshing means LIQUID..NORM and liquid means migration…I am getting more and more concerned over this Laurel and Hardy TEXAS BRINE operation.

    • I am trying to do code lessons here and this crazy salt dome is acting up….
      Texas Brine needs to step aside!
      It is like letting that Italian cruise ship captain be in charge of the cruise wreck investigation…..

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