Radioactive Waste in Leaking & Collapsing Salt Domes – Sinkholes

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Salt Domes: A Good Location for Nuclear Wastes?

November 7, 2013 Louisiana Collapsing Salt Dome-Sinkhole

The currently imploding Louisiana Salt Dome Sinkhole has been of keen interest to us in part due to years of claims – still ongoing- that salt domes were a good place to store radioactive waste — one of the many primitive plans which never seemed to stand up to good sense (apparently no longer common). The salt dome sinkhole is currently around 26 acres (10.5 ha) and the owner, Texas Brine, believes that it will double to 54 acres (21.8 ha). Meanwhile there is risk of a natural gas explosion as well. And, yes, it has radioactive NORM waste too.

Currently neighboring Mississippi appears on a hit-list for salt dome nuclear waste repositories. Is it because Mississippi is the poorest state? The next to lowest educational levels? Or is it because it has the largest…

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10 thoughts on “Radioactive Waste in Leaking & Collapsing Salt Domes – Sinkholes

  1. Goods great there…South Berm sagging,eh? chuckle, snuffle, snicker..the comment just really hit me as funny….SBSE…or SBS EH. howl..giggle…Looking for a good plastic surgeon, Texas Brine???…heh tears in my eyes..(picturing a big hairy beer belly with droop –needing a tummy tuck…). Got to keep it G here, FCF..excuse me while I laugh in a lady or laddie like way…

    • I don’t know what these guys are going to say at this upcoming community meeting. When they unroll these wallpaper samples (their charts) and try tacking them on the wall the residents might shoot dart guns at them … or paint ball or something!

  2. Boy is that a ‘saggiing’ to the south under the berm. How close is the east edge to the butane storage caverns? Diagrams show it just enlarging all the way has NOT stopped. Time for Texas Brine to start paying property owners..and no one cares if TB has insurance or not..they can pay dollars to fix their mess..and the insurance rembursment when it comes. PROPERTY OWNERS do NOT have to wait for TB to get insurance payment..that was never in any agreement any of them made!! Its an assumption of Texas Brine…and full of S____.

  3. has anyone used a geiger counter around the site? seems like it would be a prudent thing to do if possible. thanks for all the info!

    • I wish they would… and post the thing on you tube like the people do who live near California beaches.
      And post a comment here so we can find it!

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