Sinkhole Depth Survey

And they have an update about their work on the berms etc. (separate post – see sidebar)

Let’s see where Acadian “Bubbles” Gas line is . . .


Assumption Parish Police Jury

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2 thoughts on “Sinkhole Depth Survey

  1. I did a search for some map of Ascension Parish maps
    Does anyone know where north is all you need is a Compass to find north where you live.
    I* do not see a diagram pointing North so I have to take Google word for it that north is up on maps.
    True North on Google Maps is not shown, but for a normal Mercator projection, grid north and true north will coincide and it will follow any vertical line (or meridian) to the top of the map.

    Here is some road maps for Ascension Parish, Louisiana
    And more maps
    Iberia Parish, Louisiana
    Iberville Parish, Louisiana
    Lafayette Parish, Louisiana
    St. James Parish, Louisiana
    St. Martin Parish, Louisiana
    St. Mary Parish, Louisiana
    Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana
    How to make sure that north arrow is always pointing north in map layout
    magnetic north comus

    • If you drive a car east the sun is from your left side.
      If you drive a car west the sun is from your right side.

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