Watch out!

It is affecting all of the helicorders.


flying cuttlefish picayune

OFF THE COAST FROM EUREKA, CA., 6.2 miles deep

Los Angeles Times story


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21 thoughts on “BREAKING: 6.9 Quake North CALIFORNIA

    • got it. And many aftershocks around M3 range.
      There may be other big ones too. These ring of fire quakes echo across the Pacific and Japan is across from that quake.

  1. Well north America continent and south America continent break apart from each other or break off from each other ?

  2. I have family in the area and up the coast just over the state line into Oregon. Had family in Crescent City and on Oregon coast when Fukishima tsunami hit. They’re a little frightened. Odd type quake for the area.

  3. Talking about that M6.9 – 77km WNW of Ferndale, California quake.
    That quake would have taken too long to get there.
    That quake could not have not been the one if it showed up at the sinkhole at 1:00 am Central Daylight Time.
    That quake happen at 5:18 UTC time that 12:18 CDT time that Central Daylight Time
    This the bottom sinkhole recorder LA-10
    It began recording at 12:24 am Central Daylight Time that 5:24 UTC time or Zulu time.

    UTC (Zulu) Time Conversion Chart

    • but a big quake would make ALL of the helicorders go off. The thing at 10 p.m. last night only affected a few and not the top 2 at LA10, …. just the bottom one.
      10 pm was a local event

      • You got the right earthquake but the recorded at the sinkhole began picking it up at 12:24 am not 1:00 am that all.

      • This is how I read the recorder this the recording from last night 03/10/2014 (00).
        You have to click on the link to see what I am taking about.
        This quake started at 12:24 am gave or take a min. Central Daylight Time or CDT.
        The black line on the recorder start with 00.
        The red line on the recorder start with 15.
        The blue line on the recorder start with 30.
        The green line on the recorder start with 45.
        The line going across this page are 0 to 15 Time in minutes.

      • That’s looks like the one I used as the art … all wavey after midnight. I have a picture in the post headlined ‘Breaking…”

      • That is the right one you got there you said it happen at 1:00 am time I was just showing you how to read those recorder it hit those recorder at the sinkhole at 12:24 am CDT time give or take min. or 5:24 am UTC time.
        The quake in CA was at 5:18 UTC time that 12:18 CDT time so it took 6 min to get to the sinkhole recorders.

      • Thanks!
        Yesterday I was stung by the most mean bee ever and today I am taking Benedryl and am all dopey.

  4. A copperhead bite hurts like the devil, and causes a lot of swelling, but very few people actually die from it. However, they do die from complications of the bite, such as an infection caused by cutting into the bite to get the venom out. Go to Wikipedia and search for “List of fatal snake bites in the United States.” Rattlesnakes are the #1 killer.

  5. Dutchsinse on M6.9 earthquake and future quakes.
    Watch “3/10/2014 — 6.9M Earthquake off the West Coast of California — Craton Edge Watch” on YouTube

    • … I have this vid in the original post …. but on the Bugle it shows up better as a comment… Thanks!

      • Yes, there is Walter.
        LA Times – A potent threat of major earthquake off California’s northern coast.
        The Cascadia subduction zone is less known than the San Andreas fault, which scientists have long predicted will produce The Big One. But in recent years, scientists have come to believe that the Cascadia is far more dangerous than originally believed and have been giving the system more attention.

      • [I put things in from Dutchsinse sometimes because he talks about the Craton Plate]
        Keith, I don’t know why you were spamified. . . .

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