Wednesday News

The 2014 Louisiana session has opened this week. The info to contact your Louisiana rep. is on the sidebar at the art graphic for LEAN. This session will be critical for preserving clean water and protecting aquifers from pollution.

LEAN has a lot of news now on their website.

Energy XXI to buy rival to take on private explorers in US Gulf
• Deal to create largest public producer focused on U.S. Gulf shelf
•Deal worth $1.53 bln

Big (gas) explosion in New York < lots of live coverage now on tv

The parish blog says they are “preparing rolls of geotextile fabric for placement on new south containment berm” … so is this some new berm south of the other new south berm?

WAFB – Texas Brine: New bubble site related to swamp gas, not giant sinkhole  < has video

The AdvocateSinkhole showing signs of stabilizing, expert says

AP version – Expert: Sinkhole showing signs of stabilizing

New Orleans area: Mid-City sinkhole doubles in size as it goes unfixed


3 thoughts on “Wednesday News

    • I was going to post that news but thought it was unconnected. It is on

      I guess they better test the system after all this time!
      I wonder if it even works or will cause a pipe breakage!

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