Mar. 11 Community Meeting Video Out

The parish put up a series of videos covering the community meeting –

LINK – < series playlist

In Part 4 (1:00 min. in) they get asked about NORM and just waffle around the question. Did anyone hear the part where Texas Brine said they would pay a fair price for anyone’s home? Or expand the evacuation (compensation) area?

This is the slideshow CB&I showed. It is added to the Documents page. Note page 22 at the end uses a wrong and very misleading aerial photo of the sinkhole as it was a long time ago. That is for the non-locals to get the impression Lake FUBAR is just a few acres big.


13 thoughts on “Mar. 11 Community Meeting Video Out

  1. These are so painful to watch, cannot imagine how the residents put up with all this bs. The LDEQ official states they are insisting on building another south berm as it appears the other one is failing, the new one isn’t done yet, but in the event it fails, evacuations will be called for. It is sickening these multitudes of government agencies appear to provide cover for each other. Sure hope the folks get out of dodge, clearly your health and well being is at the bottom of their priorities.

    • What I don’t understand is the new-new south berm #3 attempt or are they adding clay to #2 south berm?

      • Was there any new maps or paper work about the sinkhole ?
        Like the bypass work the local bypass route connects directly to LA 70 the new bypass as well ?
        Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality ..part 2 Video they were taking about LDEQ’s , DHH , LEL , 02 , VOC’s , MAML , LPDES , LLC , DMRs I gave up a too much S-O-S.
        DEQ Radiation Location for ?
        Just where is the new bobbling sites ?
        I give up to much S-O-S with . D4-10 -90 .left on right or is that left on left ?.
        There no order to those Video on Youtube.
        Public Briefing 3/11/14 Part 1 to 14.

      • I know the viseos are all-l-l-l out of order.
        But a little easier than adding 12 links.
        You have to check the titles on the right side and scroll up and down at the end of each video.
        I expect the slide show charts to come up on the website soon under plans and reports or something.
        I will post them if I find them.

      • My take of Part 2 indicates a new berm is being built between the south berm and Bayou Corne, and if they both fail, relocations would be necessary.

  2. I remember when they did research on roads in Vietnam the roads are hard as rock when dry but when wet you’re up to you knees in mud.
    When the Army engineer were in Vietnam they came up with ways to fix those roads and in Germany as well at Wildflecken and Grafenwohr.
    U.S. Army in German
    There a lot of good history here.
    For anyone doing research about WW-2 this is good.
    Third Reich in Ruins
    There was a lot of Underground bunkers in Germany.
    And Schu-mine 42 or shoe bomb and S-mine I think they call them Bouncing Betty in Vietnam.
    I like the Nazi Eagles when I was in Germany.

    I remember when they were doing research on this type of rock that was in 50’s and 60’s.
    Television Stone or TV Stone rock name Ulexite is an ore of boron.
    Was studied in regard to its unique optical properties.
    It occurring in thin, parallel, sheet-like fibers. When polished at the top and bottom, each tiny fiber transmits light through the specimen, causing anything under the specimen to appear as if it is at the top.

  3. Here it is.
    Bayou Corne Public Update March 11,2014 DNR/OOC

    Public Briefing Evacuation Order in Effect 585 days 1 year, 7 months, 8 days March 11, 2014.

    Now we know where that Bubble site is with map click map 10 on left side. You can enlarge it as big as you went.
    Bubble Site (NSDBS#) in Orange.
    Seismic Shothole Bubble Site (NSDBSS#) in yellow

  4. I got some lost E-mail
    It’s about the Bayou Corne Public Briefing meeting they had with the new maps they had March 11, 2014
    I found those maps they had and a lot more when they had that meeting.

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