Friday News

The parish blog relates, “Texas Brine has advised that an operational update meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 18, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. at their command trailer. “ – Texas Brine is getting downright chatty lately. Let’s see if they make any home buy-out offers.

Harbinger?  Iowan sees flood insurance premium spike from $729 to $4,923

(Mar. 11) Stuart Smith: Louisiana’s oil and gas industry is in full panic mode

” . . .  Briggs was forced to admit under oath that he wasn’t aware of a single oil or gas company that had been forced to leave Louisiana because of the levee board’s action, even though that is exactly what the LOGA lawsuit alleges. . . .”

BPEarthWatch video says Yellowstone Helium 4 Level 1000 times Normal

The Watchers – 2011 Oklahoma human induced earthquake may have triggered larger quake – study

Central America continues to have very large earthquakes. M6.2 on Peru coast.


11 thoughts on “Friday News

  1. Well if the big one hits the west coast, iowa could be beach front know we need some levity…all the mess lake fubar is “injecting” on dear Louisianians, is really bad and the environment…jeez!

  2. Getting more chatty lately, hopefully is a good sign, having a meeting in a trailer, not so much, but perhaps the local folks are too burnt out to attend more local meetings. Would like to think, the Carlsbad incident, and the public disclosure of what went wrong with the 30 year old diesel machine that caught fire, will bring us all closer to the truth. We still have the major issue, we have to deal with this sh!t. we did not have a vote to create it, but it is here and needs to be attended to……

    • You’re in a happy dreamland if you think Texas Brine or DoE are telling anyone the truth.
      DoE, NRC and WIPP all facilitate planet-destruction and only anti-human monsters would work for them. Normal people don’t enter that world.
      Again,what are you doing over here? You have the whole of the mainstream, bought-and-sold web to play in.

      • pissing on the roses blog guy has all the info on those filters and how they didn’t do their job or failed to kick in or burned up.
        We’ll only know how many got badly exposed if they begin to get sick. And they may be scattered elsewhere to keep a pattern from showing up. A trick used for a long time by DoE.

  3. This is weird, was wondering about freedomrox, seems he was the one with insider info on the stinkhole, he posted a message earlier for fc to check her email on something important and now it is gone. Agree with Walter & FC, why are there no new pictures and videos…..?????

    • Catbird, this is how we do it… No biggie. I have laid low because of cancer treatments for Immediate Family Member… Sorry if I have let any of you folks down, and so many asking why I haven’t written on my own blog…well, now you know.

      • FR, thanks…
        So much on your blog already….OK to take off for awhile. I hope things turn out well there…

      • Sending prayers! Afraid we are going to see more and more sickness with all this crap they are dumping on us.

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