Gloomy Wednesday: A Large Twang at 5:13 A.M. + Methane Doom Prediction

Not on all the helicorders but very large at LA17-01. That is on the north side of Lake FUBAR.

Globe will very soon turn into a hot ball like Venus due to Arctic methane seep says scientist Guy McPherson.
. . .  ” The planet will not be habitable for the human species long beyond 2030.”   “Methane has gone expotential”  – 32:30 into this interview – AUDIO FILE

2.9 quake in Ridgely, Tennessee < this place always has them … fracking there?

DOCUMENTARY on Bayou Corne


USGS Announces Publication of Completed Report on Models for Baton Rouge Area Aquifers-

Heywood, C.E., Griffith, J.M., and Lovelace, J.K.,2014, Simulation of groundwater flow in the “1,500-foot” sand and “2,000-foot” sand, with scenarios to mitigate saltwater migration in the “2,000-foot” sand of the Baton Rouge area, Louisiana: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2013–5227, 63 p.,,

Big Oil’s loosening grip

For generations, our politicians assumed that what was good for the oil and gas industry was good for Louisiana. As long as nobody looked too closely at what was happening in our coastal wetlands, few questioned that assumption. . . .



8 thoughts on “Gloomy Wednesday: A Large Twang at 5:13 A.M. + Methane Doom Prediction

  1. I don’t believe one word of that Global Warming.

    Little Ice Age froze many parts of the world between 1550 and 1850 AD.
    Oak Ridge TN research on global warming
    Atmospheric CO2 may actually be improving the environment.
    Why does the public hear only one side of this debate ?
    a lot of scientists have built their careers on global warming.
    What they don’t you to see Wandering of the Geomagnetic poles
    Wandering path of the magnetic north

  2. This area seems like a good place to put this report. Although, I don’t know if anyone will see this video since the original thread is old news.
    He talks about melting a large Methane pocket in Northern Siberia. Interfering with the jet stream will cause a frigid Winter this year in the northern United States.
    Extreme Cold in USA, Melting Arctic Methane, on 0…:

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