More on That Map Connecting the US Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico

Before It’s News – What May Be Rising Out Of The Ocean Off Coast Of Chile?

Dear world,
Like many regularly watching the ring of fire, I could not help but not the unusual earthquake activity that started last week and continues as I write this… off the coast of northern Chile. . . .

We had lots on remarkable Chile quake swarm lately here. We can’t verify this story from Before It’s News but they go on with this other story that shows the origin of the much talked about map– –


It all seems to come from this: Gordon Michael Scallion map of future United States (scroll 1/2 way down)

It is reproduced here for sale. Most web pages featuring the map are quoting predictions. This particular map comes from his dreams. This is a skeptic’s view of him suggesting he borrows heavily from popular Edgar Cayce books. This map isn’t to be confused with the “Navy Map” which is from the USN and is featured in prior articles here. The Navy map has more verifiable sources. Earlier item here about that. You Tube video of the Navy map.


9 thoughts on “More on That Map Connecting the US Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico

  1. Don’t know if this is a yearly event, but the bison are running down the road. Some intimate it might have something to do with Yellowstone activity and the new helium emissions discovered there. It is always good to pay attention to the animals.

    • OK … I am following Yellowstone news.
      The bison know.
      Plus karma revenge on anti-Indian crazy person whole killed the baby white bison…

  2. I live in East Tennessee it a land that had been folded a lot from mountain building and it’s still going on.
    The Cumberland Plateau or Appalachian Plateau is very old mountain range.

    The Great Smoky Mountains are a lot younger or Blue Ridge Mountains range.

    There a Valley between this two mountains in East Tennessee.
    Great Appalachian Valley
    And a Copper Basin in Polk County, Tennessee.
    Tennessee rocks and Landforms Geology of East Tennessee

    • Thanks, Walter.
      I just wanted to put in some background info here on these 2 sci-fi style maps. I had the origin of the Navy map (it is in the Louisiana state harbor plan) but not this other one.
      For info only.
      Not endorsing it or negating it.

    • I posted that so I could clarify the origin of the map so many have mentioned.
      The other map, the Navy map has a more legitimate history.
      Now I have to change my mind about magnetic pole. I am changing my mind on that after watching Lauren Moret new vid-

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