Thursday News

Big Oil’s behind-the-scenes role in LSU’s ‘legacy lawsuit’ study
David Dismukes is the associate director at the Center for Energy Studies at LSU and author of a controversial 2012 study claiming the state’s hostile legal climate has resulted in 30,000 lost jobs and about $6.8 billion in drilling revenue.

Lawsuit claims coal terminal south of New Orleans is polluting Mississippi River in Louisiana

A March 19 DNR Inspection Report

General Honore and the “Green Army” coming for Sasol hearing < see the Blogroll section on the sidebar for the Green Army link for more news about them.

Browns Ferry nuke plant in Alabama has a problem.

Florida – South Ponte Vedra Beach area has landslide problems < posted here in case it relates to ground movement

Yellowstone (Craton news) – bison on the run!


Note – added to the lower part of the Map Page is a link to the EPA radon map.


One thought on “Thursday News

  1. Thanks for all of this info. You should contact Bob Gramling and see his take on the sinkholes.
    He’s probably in the Lafayette directory or maybe emeritus with email at UL Lafayette.

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