Big Fluid Movement at 8 P.M. Friday


It lasted over 1/2 an hour. Really BIG! It looked like this, LA17

And before that all the helicorders had an OUTAGE from after 5 til after 7 p.m. . . — OR — someone removed the data then. Many helicorders showed a half hour of fluid movement at 1 p.m..

Here’s the LA12 chart:




At 8 A.M. there is big fluid movement again showing on LA17. Maybe they are ading/removing water with pumps. It looks suspicious when it happens during work hours even though they say they are on a Code 2. There was a 6.2 quake in Chile about that time.


10 thoughts on “Big Fluid Movement at 8 P.M. Friday

  1. Looks like more work going on? If not, then we have a lot of shoshing guys and gals (LA12). Others show small events/tremors..but hard to see at the 10K microvolt setting.!

    • I don’t know if it is this “dewatering” operaqtion or some pumps turning on… but it doesn’t look like any Code 2 to me.
      There was a huge quake in Chile a min. before 8 a.m. CST. Maybe that sloshed things around.
      I wish FOR ONCE the USGS would pipe up with an explanation.

  2. AND if we find anything..then what? Thats what is frustrating..we can see but not DO anything but watch a disaster go down.

    I just love the fact the 9 ft ceiling suddenly dropped over 300 ft again. Glub now TEXAS BRiners should realize this is like a bottle..filling up..gas bubbles up..stuff goes down. Its OPEN ya all…an open area to the sea floor…

  3. This is way off on what your taking about but wanted you to see the big picture on what going in the world.

    I’m not going into this too deep, just why is there so many nuclear plants having problems, this is just one of the problems.
    All around the world countries were trying to find ways to burn Plutonium in a Nuclear Reactors.

    The word is Plutonium
    Nuclear Chemistry Reprocessing Spent Fuel

    Is there a plutonium-burning reactors ?

    S.C. Sues Feds to Save Savannah River Site MOX Plant Project
    Why did Obama stop the MOX fuel project in Savannah River, South Carolina ?
    Just what is going here ?
    Just what is MOX ?
    MOX is dangerous.
    MOX makes key reactor components age even faster.
    MOX doesn’t get rid of plutonium
    Inside a nuclear reactor, only some of the plutonium in MOX fuel gets “fissioned,” or converted into other radioactive elements. These include such deadly elements as Strontium-90, Cesium-137, Iodine-129 and many, many more.

    MOX fuel
    intended to make reactor fuel out of plutonium from retired nuclear bombs — part of an agreement with Russia to shrink the world’s supply of nuclear bomb fuel after the cold war.

  4. LA12 is jiggling away. Guess its Church? Everyone driving from home and back?
    LA10 bottom of borehole is stable, a few movements but not anything eye opening.
    Anyone reporting on subsidence or GPS positions changing?

    Uh..does NASA have any satellite fly overs scheduled for comparison sake. Locals should request TEXAS BRINE provide satellite analysis of the current situation for comparison. I can NOT believe a flyover has not been done for scientific data sake. DOE/LA Government should make that a priority. Has anyone stood up and REQUEST a new scan of the geography.Alternately have a legal document/transcript for the officials to sign and then notarize the statements. May have a ‘chilling’ effect on flapping lips of Texas Brine and scientists.

    • This NASA and JPL news is months old.
      I had more details on the original story. These guys do all this fancy work then put out findings mos. later … after no one even knew they were doing a study.
      NASA/JPL are “all in” with oil industry … so count on them to be NO help for Bayou Corne residents.

      Much, much more being “studied” on Gulf Coast than any admit to. They know it is a dire situation (Gulf in danger of global proportions) !
      They are a part of the cover-up in my opinion.

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