Reminder About Wed. Court date


Save Lake Peigneur, Inc. & LEAN’s lawsuit against the division of Coastal Management within the Department of Natural Resources will be TOMORROW.
Date: Wednesday, March 26
Time: 9 AM10 A.M.
Place: Iberia Parish Courthouse
300 S Iberia Street, New Iberia
The lawsuit against the state resulted from Coastal Management (CM) granting the permit to dredge contingent on Injection & Mining Division granting the final permit making. We dispute that Coastal Management did not do due diligence by granting the permit.
Try and show up if you can even if just for a short time.


11 thoughts on “Reminder About Wed. Court date

    • I am about halfway through the briefings, thanks to whoever is taking the time to take the video and post it. Regarding the difference in fill tagging in the cavern, did they forget that the experts before were very sure that differences of volume that great could not be only due to consolidation? Also, the U tube concept had it’s side blown out when the cavern got blown out. There is communication with the groundwater down somewhere in the geology. The U tube model does not represent the real world conditions. The hydrocarbons being trapped in the uplifted shale formations is what prevented the erosion of the salt formations by the groundwater. Where the collapse happened, the shale sheath has been disturbed. That only leaves the disturbed rock zone to prevent water infiltration. I doubt it is doing the job. I recall at least 3 times that they have proudly announced that the cavern was almost filled. This is not a new anomaly. The guy doing the talking may not be aware of the history but he can always go back and watch previous meetings to get caught up.

  1. Why won’t they leave Lake Peigneur alone! The giant and fast moving sinkhole disaster was not enough? That was not slow motion like Bayou Corne but ultra fast with little to no escape time.
    Is there no bounds to their stupidity?.

    • I hope a lot of people show up to that Wed. court case.
      It is Ok to drop by for 30 min. or so. They need a lot of faces in the audience.

      • It is good of you to advertise for them! Your info on the Nuclear Security Conference made it on to the Cumbria web site via our blog site. Did you know that Harry Reid was Mormon? Interesting that they burned 100 tons of German rad waste in Tennessee in Jan. 2013 but not allowed to import the Italian rad waste to Utah. It seems that the German and Swiss incinerators are less polluting is why they send to the USA or maybe they just prefer to pollute on others.

      • That waste incinerator they had in Oak Ridge was one of a kind.
        They had some good people who were good at chemistry who know what they’re doing when they burn that waste the radioactive waste stay in the ash it did not go up the flue.

  2. Maybe. I am torn between believing that they want to mix it all equally and believing that they are trying to dump more on unwanted groups of people and hoping it doesn’t come back on them. Was Edwin Edwards ever tied in directly with Carlos Marcello or only indirectly? Edwards was the lawyer or something for Rollins in N. Baton Rouge that was illegally burning rad waste, according to a journalist and which was not properly filtering the toxic waste it was legally burning, according to the DEQ. That caused all sorts of problems to that neighborhood but could have rained down on those involved too. I need to see if Energy Solutions is Mormon. I think they are, in which case they would be like the Camorra in Italy, poisoning their own backyard. In general, I think that they would have better standards for rich people than poor. I think I finally understand the relationship between WIPP, the Z Sandia lab and Los Alamos: Z tests the Pu triggers for weapons in a giant xray; Los Alamos makes the new Pu triggers; WIPP takes the waste. I read that Z can only use up to 8 grams of Pu or the waste would be too rad for WIPP….which makes me wonder if someone decided to test something bigger which hurried WIPP’s demise? Somewhere I read that if anything really hot was put in WIPP it would melt it. Also, the countries all have to have a nuke reactor to get the Pu to make the new triggers! And, most basic research is under the DOD because people don’t understand the idea of basic research and would cut it but never defense. OH, and you remember Dana’s lasers? I can’t recall if he said but I know I read that for Reagan’s Star Wars (SDI) mini Pu bxmbs gave the energy for those laser weapons. They could run tanks off of biofuels but I guess they don’t want to. And, when you look at the nuclear free countries or those getting out of nuclear it is the ones with little or no military and weapons. I find all of these revelations depressing. It means that it is bigger than just nuclear energy. They also have bunches of experimental reactors at universities all over the USA, including Moniz’ MIT. Somehow from this it dawned on me that while some hunt deer because they are poor and hungry, some hunt because deer and other animals don’t have guns and can’t shoot back. You heard that they will kill the Sellafield deer as a security risk.

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