Slough In at Sinkhole


Assumption Parish Police Jury

At approximately 3:45 this afternoon, a burp and slough-in occurred on the sinkhole. Debris is present and floating on the sinkhole and trees near Pad #3 sloughed in. A slight odor of hydrocarbons is present in the Bayou Corne community. As information develops, it will be shared here.

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6 thoughts on “Slough In at Sinkhole

    • oh, yeah!
      Time to pack up the car (if you live there) … for safety’s sake!
      Git out! Don’t make your kids dig around for you like they are in Wash. state today.

  1. A storm is approaching that area soon. We’ll see how the area does taking on the extra rain. Hopefully there wont be any lightning strikes in the area! Eeek!

  2. Nothing (not) to worry about just anniversary celebrations – see “1:25 p.m. 26th Mar 2013 Slough-In Occurrence/Advisory from the Office of Conservation”

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