6 Trees Eaten By Lake FUBAR + Thurs., Fri. News

Bayou Corne sinkhole swallows six more trees [but they claim it’s stabilizing . . . ]



See also –  ‘If TEPCO Ran the Salt Cavern Collapse Response

Afternoon update from the parish blog says they are keeping the Code 1 status.

Fridaythe parish blog admits the new south berm is being re-directedEvening update: helicorders still very active Friday night.


KATC – Save Lake Peigneur fights DNR in Iberia court < has video Gulf of Mexico news – US Navy’s “Shock and Awe” Environmental Assault

President Obama to trim methane emissions

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration Friday announced a strategy to start slashing emissions of methane, a greenhouse gas released by landfills, cattle, and leaks from oil and natural gas production. . . .

21 thoughts on “6 Trees Eaten By Lake FUBAR + Thurs., Fri. News

      • I thought it might finally get the attention of Jindal and the DEQ if it were headed their way… But, hey, some people living in Baton Rouge were probably involved in Rollins burning rad waste illegally in N. BR. Maybe they want Lake Fubar beach front property.

      • I think they just forget about places like Bayou Corne because they don’t have as much money as the big oil companies …

  1. A burp and slough-in occurred on the sinkhole
    So the land came up in one place and in a another place the land went down.
    I think that what you’re saying.

    • This is really sickening. We buy annual fishing licenses that have huge restrictions on the size. how many and what type of fish we can keep. The Navy has an open credit card on the thousands of species they are allowed to destroy. Really believe this is their plan to get rid of all those pesky old bombs that are too costly to properly dispose of….

    • Its been weeks..and of course..the PREVIOUS tests on the DNA of the gases to rule out BP OIL..NEVER CAME BACK with a negative..
      Silence of the lambs….

    • They haven’t publicly released any ‘fingerprint’ info in ages.
      I don’t know what’s up with that.

  2. DNA fingerprinting of the ‘gas’ ruled out four, but NEVER T MENTION BP OIL OR GAS! What do you want to bet…someone needs to ask the question..it OIL and GAS!
    “Through fingerprinting, four sources of the leaking hydrocarbons have been ruled out so far, according to DNR in an Oct. 11 state declaration: “Chevron Natural Gas Cavern, Acadian Natural Gas Cavern, Crosstex Butane Caverns, Residual Gas from 2003 Gulf South Blow-out.”
    Note they only mention GAS..and they know it is a large OIL reservour below the sinkhole leaking….Dig FCD Dig!

    • Excuse my typos..its due to recent cataract surgery..thanks to exposure to toxic chemicals twenty some years ago..and then recently.

  3. What does it take for our Government to fix anything ?
    Harry Belafonte and Odetta – There’s A Hole in The Bucket

  4. You’ll find the link below interesting. It talks about the thing I was going to say about Baton Rouge finding that area to dump its waste in. Have you read Laying Waste? It talks about them just dumping barrels into swamps..not even bothering with the salt domes! Don’t know if they named Louisiana or not but it is a scary book.
    This article is really good, even though the title is unclear: http://truth-out.org/news/item/22681-the-myth-of-nuclear-safety-fukushima-reveals-that-nuclear-power-is-here-to-stay

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