Giant Twang at Lake FUBAR After Midnight Sat. – Might be from Calif.

Huge seismic event.

It showed on LA10-01 and on LA10-02 very well.

UPDATE:  It is probably that California quake activity. Scroll down for more.


2.3 quake in Pinhook, Missouri

10 thoughts on “Giant Twang at Lake FUBAR After Midnight Sat. – Might be from Calif.

  1. That TWANG is close to the 5.3 EQ in California…USGS says 5.1 but internation sites say 5.3. It was at 04:36 think thats the same time.

    • oh, that makes sense … but I thought CA was around 9-10 pm (but that’s CA time zone)….
      I have article on CA link on the FC blog….

  2. And the 4. something california earthquake shows at 17:00 on LA10 as well. e Wonder how WIPP is handing the shaking…???

  3. Oklahoma frackquakes seem to be getting bigger, but all those quakes overnight didn’t seem to have as much impact on the sinkhole helicorders as I thought they might.

    • yes… OK is out of control … getting to be 4s!
      I don’t know how much Lake FUBAR can take!
      And there’s a giant swarm of small quakes at Mt. Hood in Oregon….
      I think something big about to happen in the west….

  4. It looks like the earthquakes around and below the craton make more tremors felt on helicorders. We see S. America/Caribbean, Altantic (and there was a huge one in Altantic yesterday), California and Far East show up more than EQ to the north. Interesting if true theory.

  5. 2014-03-30
    15min ago Depth:12 Km
    722 km SE of Calgary, Canada / pop: 1,019,942 / local time: 06:34:43.0 2014-03-30

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