Underwater landslide in gulf could cause 15-foot tsunami

The Lens – Underwater landslide in gulf could cause 15-foot tsunami on Louisiana coastalt. link from New Orleans Times-Picayune

” . . . unlike a hurricane, residents would have just an hour’s notice . . . “

It looks like they have been reading our comments 😉

20 thoughts on “Underwater landslide in gulf could cause 15-foot tsunami

  1. I see Lake Fubar has achieved a NEW level of stability NOT…

    I bet this is how Atlantis started…

    3/31/14 Slough In that occurred off of Pad 3

    And there’s two flyovers too..

    Flyovers 3/31/14

    • That concrete pad 3 has went by-by a long time a-go.
      Now it a dirt pad.
      Just how far away is the next cavern from cavern 3 ?

      • Is the top of cavern 3 falling in.
        There got to be a deep underground river or Subterranean river taking all that dirt and sand away from the sinkhole.
        Or where that fault line is under the sinkhole the landmass is coming apart there ?
        One big Louisiana mudslide.

      • I think you could hit the next cavern with a tennis ball.

        The little control gauges are over the center of the cavern so the walls are x-feet out. They are not that far apart on a map of them.

  2. This is getting more and more insane as time goes on. First, I don’t think I would be standing any where near that pad as it was falling into that hole. So cudo’s to the guys with courage to do it. Second, maybe I missed it, but I don’t recall ever getting that report that was supposed to tell us exactly what was mixed in with the waters there at lake fubar. Third, in the second video, they were showing an area with brownish water that I didn’t think was part of Fubar. Are they implying that that area is also going to be effected by all this as well? And have are they still storing butane and all those other noxious and flammable materials in the other wells just next door? What is wrong with the EPA and the officials in LA that they are not protecting the people who live there? Has it not become obvious to them that this is NOT going away and it is NOT stabilizing? People are going to die if they don’t start acting and acting now. I just don’t understand and I don’t understand why there isn’t an emergency manager forcing these things to happen. Every county is supposed to have one. Sorry, I don’t mean to rant but it just infuriates me that we pay all these people to do their jobs and part of that job is to keep the public safe and they don’t do a damn thing to help the people who are in the most danger. I will bet you if this was a wealthy area, they would have evacuated everyone months ago and paid a fair value for their property. It’s things like this that make me so enraged I don’t even know what to say or do. I wish there was something i could do but living so far away, I’m not sure what that would be. My prayers and thoughts will continue to be with everyone in the Gulf.

  3. Yall crack me up….deep underground rivers….the world is going to end….oh my!!! yall are making some serious SWAG’s at something that is over you head.

    • Yay, Actual Engineer, there’s someone here that can “actual”ly tell us what really is going on. Please, go for it, we would all really, really love to know so we can stop wasting our valuable time in speculation. And, believe it or not, if you let us know what is really happening, even though it’s obviously over our small, little heads, maybe we can track someone much smarter than us down to explain it all in terms we just may be able (over a very long, extended period of time, I’m sure) to grasp. Please, give it a shot. I can only speak for myself, but I’d sure be grateful for whatever facts about this toxic waste-chemical storage facility/sinkhole you’re willing to let go of.

      • I was going to tell him he might find more comfort over at the Assumption Parish official blog but they don’t allow comments over there.

        So he’s in the pen with the real people.

  4. well first off, it was a brine cavern not a chemical storage cavern…brine=saltwater. Unfortunately this can be more harmful to the environment than oil, chems ect. But i do beleive that the cavern is close to stabilizing and small slough-ins will continue for some time. Hopefully they can contain the brine properly so it has very little environmental impact.The bottom of the cavern is not moving up and down like some people beleive. The state is making texas brine report TD (total depth) even though they know the results are bogus. You get a TD by running a tool down hole and when you see a tick in your line tension that is your “TD”. This works well in normal cases, but since the tool is literally sliding down in the mud it is not a true TD. There is mud coming out of the wellhead…. its pretty damn close to stabilization. All of these consiracy theories I read in here are quite entertaining. You can hate on oil and gas companies all you like, but bottom line is without it we would not be having this discussion on a computer….

    • Aggg.
      You misses almost 2 years of discussion. The wells with the gunk are scattered all over the gulf coast and many in Assumption Parish.
      When Oxy 3 goes it can knock down the walls of nearby caverns like the Crosstex butane cavern or others that have unknown contents including NORM and TENORM.
      No, you do not need fossil fuels to have electricity. And you do not need to make a Nigeria out of Louisiana to do it. The only reason for the gross misconduct by these polluters is plain greed.
      Energy companies like BP and TEPCO have ruined our Earth.

      However if it all stabilizes you win your argument.

      A third south berm route doesn’t speak for stability so much.

      This blog exists so people who don’t think so have a place to exchange ideas.

      “Conspiracy” is a word used by criminals to deflect inquiry into their crimes.

  5. A couple of questions. How would Oxy 3 go? do you mean explode? Also, how are we supposed to supplement the electrical grid without fossil fuels? i will not critisize, i just want to exchange ideas.

    • Many worry the ‘walls’ of the cavern collapsing will compromise other walls of other caverns or allow water seep in to affect the salt or a lot of other things that might allow air into the butane cavern making the butane dangerous etc. etc.
      You jumped in a little late on all the conversations about things that can go wrong.
      I haven’t the time here to inform you about alt. energy.
      There are other ways to do things besides fossil fuels…

      I have an idea … if you have opposite views about Oxy 3 etc. why not make a blog about it?
      You could expand on every point in greater detail than comments.
      And you could nit pick alt. energy to your heart’s content and when you pen a good item you can put the link in comments here for everyone to see.

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