Breaking: 8.2 Quake Off Chile

Wait for more events ….
Live maps:

flying cuttlefish picayune

It’s on tv – CNN etc. now

Details & Map from USGS

CNN reports a 6 foot tsunami wavePowerful earthquake strikes off Chile; tsunami believed generated

TSUNAMI REPORT (early one)

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23 thoughts on “Breaking: 8.2 Quake Off Chile

    • waiiting for other shoe to drop (at Fukushima) … live cams are on radioactive chat … also interesting buoy map with live data ….

  1. So there Reducing pressure.
    They said there Reducing pressure in Oxy 3A (working from Oxy 9 well pad).
    And just where is that Oxy 3 A caverns at ?
    So what is the name and number of the collapsed brine cavern ?

    • I have been going by this map …

      And FR points out there are other Oxy caverns , 4 & 5 and they may be worse.
      Plus uncounted “plugged” wells that were filled with gunk, toxins and rad waste when they were ‘done’.
      And all cement casing fails over the years. All of it, not some of it and there’s no rules about going back and re-plugging or sealing these abandoned wells.

      • They have to keep cavern pressure in those cavern in the salt dome at all times.
        That is why I think Oxy 3 cavern is failing it coming apart.
        I don’t know how big Oxy 3 cavern is or how deep it goes down two or three Empire State Building on top of each other, i say.

      • From a old map of Oxy 3 cavern.
        Oxy 3 cavern is 3,400 feet in ground that going down to top of Oxy 3 cavern.
        It 5650’ feet to the bottom of Oxy 3 cavern in the ground.
        And just how wide is the cavern 300’ feet.
        So that said Oxy 3 cavern is 300’ feet across and from top of cavern to bottom is 2,250’ feet this is from a map dated July 2010.

  2. Earthquake dogs. Hey FCF, turns out the little cuban dogs I have are little sensors. Two years ago we had a 5.0 earthquake and they KNEW just before it hit. Terrified them, they all jumped in my lap (all three) howling..then the quake hit. Yesterday..from noon to late PM..they were going CRAZY howling running around getting into my lap (and LOOKING at me..hey stupid..something is wrong). And then after the major quake..and today the day after..they are all happy and relaxed. .Will have to watch for other major quakes. They seem to notice the American quakes.the ones that slosh the helicorders most.

  3. One has to wonder is LA just another government experiment to test the limits. Here the EPA is caught testing toxins on poor folks with problems already. You wonder about folks who would subject themselves to experiments from the EPA. My own daughter was enticed into a sleep study program by money and the drug she was taking [or placebo] ended up giving her heart palpitations! She has never had sleep problems, more like waking problems in her younger years!

    • The EPA was co-opted long ago I think.
      They killed the firemen in NY when they knew the air was poison (so they could open Wall St.). More dead from that then anything ever.

  4. Another strong quake.

    Preliminary Earthquake Report
    Magnitude 7.8
    3 Apr 2014 02:43:15 UTC
    2 Apr 2014 23:43:16 near epicenter
    2 Apr 2014 21:43:15 standard time in your timezone
    Location 20.430S 70.113W
    Depth 20 km

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