Latest Fly Over Videos Are Up + Slough In at the Well Pad Video






7 thoughts on “Latest Fly Over Videos Are Up + Slough In at the Well Pad Video

  1. Well, one thing for sure…I just love watching a “stabilized” slough in. Watching the first video let me know real quick the videographer was standing much too close for me. All it would take is the crack to widen and … well, wonder what happened to Gabbie, car is here, she’s no where to be found…and these idiotds drive on these “thick” piles of sand….good grief!!!!

    • I should say so! It took 6 trees … how did film person know it wasn’t going to be 6 acres??
      Crazy and reckless. And NO gas mask.
      Like they think they can see H2S…. which is coming up all over.

  2. Well, it makes me think that whoever posted this video knows very, very well what exactly to expect during a slough in due to constant monitoring or would not be in that particular place at that particular time. The comment at the end, with the gentleman saying “Well, it was further than we thought it would be” also leads one to wonder what all it is “they” know about where the sinkhole is going. Also, if this short video is posted, how many more videos are out there that do not get posted of other slough ins and activity?

    • I think the fly over vids are short to cut out parts showing berm road full of ‘puddles’ from seepage and sagging.

  3. It was the wave at the end of the slough that got me, if it was that big from just a small slice of the pad going ‘deep 6’, how big would it be if the rest of the pad went, or if a quake took down a large chunk of gulf coastline.

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