Lake FUBAR Goes Nuts Tuesday Night + News + Sinkhole has 5,000 ft. Deep Pit

Heli_ANIReally, really nutty seismic behavior on MANY monitors.

Here is LA10-03 – the bottom borehole –





UPDATE – This went on until after 10 P.M. then quieted down.

The most recent info from Crosstex – about the butane in the trembling area:

Report Date – 03/25/2014 – 06:00 am to 06:00 am
Current Operations Status – Normal Operations
-Well #1 – 39,913 barrels of normal butane
-Well #2 – 17,789 barrels of butane


This looks new (!!) – Sinkhole near Bayou Corne sucks down another patch of earth

BAYOU CORNE, Louisiana — The sinkhole near Bayou Corne sucked down another patch of earth as Texas Brine Co. released pressure again from its failed salt dome cavern near the 29-acre swampland sinkhole in Assumption Parish.

Officials say the edge collapse, or slough-in, came five days after six trees in the same area were pulled down into the hole’s watery depths. Texas Brine was releasing pressure from the cavern around the same time. . . .

. . .  it is after the trees falling in and is the same event that was on the Mar. 31 video:

The AdvocateAssumption sinkhole claims another patch of earth

[snip] ” . . .  Scientists have Daffy_Duckdescribed the connection between the sinkhole and the broken cavern as a U-shape. Rock moves down through the  shattered  earth under the sinkhole and into the 5,000-foot-deep breach near the cavern’s bottom inside the cavity and then up the cavern toward its roof. . . .”

GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVAL: Slough In Event Recorded At The Giant Louisiana Sinkhole Near Pad #3 – As Subsurface Seismic Activity Continues!

Report from The Times-Picayune sent in – Mercury Oozing from old oil & gas fields‏ [PDF]

The AdvocateTexas Brine moves contractors into Bayou Corne homes cry

WIPP bosses = Texas Brine?  WIPP Did NOT Protect Workers or Inform Public About Plutonium Dangers Immediately After Radiation Disaster

Methane oddity: Earth’s biggest murder mystery: Methane-spewing microbe named prime suspect

Louisiana Voice – Whistleblower claims DuPont’s Burnside plant has been leaking carcinogenic sulfur trioxide more than two years < in Ascension Parish

 Same DuPont rich family as this?

Stuart Smith: Stop the polluters from taking back Louisiana





9 thoughts on “Lake FUBAR Goes Nuts Tuesday Night + News + Sinkhole has 5,000 ft. Deep Pit

  1. Information sent to your email Flyingcuttle fish. M8.0 earthquake off coast near Tarapaca, Chilli, depth:10km.
    TIME IS 0324 AM HST WED 02 APR 2014

  2. Thanks for all of this. Maybe the methane bacteria article is a cover up for this new article by Mousseau. He explains how leaves are piling up at Chernobyl because the microbes that eat them have been killed by the radiation. The Louisiana Voice article is a good one too. I knew there was something I had read there that needed reblogging. Dupont de Nemours. Mercury competes with radiation for bad, bad, bad. Also lead. And, many radioactive elements become lead.

    • I am dubious of the methane-bug story. I wonder if the science people next week will jump on that story as invalid and bicker over it soon. They have had many opposing ideas about that extinction-event recently.
      But all methane stories here for research purposes because of the methane in the Gulf.

  3. Welp boys I am sitting on the west coast, watching since day 1.
    Don’t know anybody there personally, but the sinkhole under your homes has my blood pressure rising. Sadly like Ticker-Guy I can’t visualize the actual threat on the ground and actually in your actual location, hell, I been investing in Geiger Counters! I ain’t got time for getting sucked into an underground lake!

    I heard it out there somewhere, “LAKE FUBAR”

    Where I stand, is currently built on a foundation of Lee “shrimp boy” gangstas and dual citizen IL/USA Feinsteins (NSA, Police State, DHS Gangsta–I’m betting they also control the weather, what with all the “bleep” they been spraying overhead with their SAG/SRM op’s)

    If you have a god I would pray. Pray that the ppl who are preying change their ways before all of us. In our respective geo-locations, are forced to F_aki+ ATH++&
    ATDT 5551212
    CONNECT 1500000

    Ah ha!
    see How I did that?

    Look I love ya, I don’t know what the answer is, I think these greentards don’t know how to transport butane, Or is it too much to be released even!

    Fracking and destroying our drinking water across the US, and causing earthquakes, and denying it, and calling anyone whome calls it up, as a Conspiracy Theorist not to be taken serious, but instead to be diagnosed with their new political weapon the DSM-IV under OBamacare, Linked to the NCIC db, and corruption by the electronically stolen elections elected officials who are breaking their oaths and not obeying their oaths.

    Let ya think I am not serious, go on then.

    I dunno what these Brine ppl got, maybe new land you can get. I would go with that with leaving open the option that if they STOP it, (e.g. when they come to you with the Either / OR, then I/ you! re-write it yourself) where you get your original land back, and they PAY For their ruthless interference by never getting back the relocation land as well. e.g. you have ORIGINAL LAND, and vacation home or homes even!

    I wouldn’t lasted a week before jumping over the counter after the responsible bastards, or being black bagged myself. But if I got anyone left in this world that still loves me, that’s what I would not be allowed to do.

    once I taste rightous blood…. I wouldn’t want to be an elected anything

    I am what you could call someone who has empathy right now. I am not a psychopath.

    But you can with your ignorance and horrible decisions, turn me just like a vampire. I swear right now, if that happens I will make it your worse nightmare.

    Since you now have destroyed everything I was doing, my life, my future, my family, my wealth, my health, my happiness, and my ability for re-dress with bad laws, and BS, perhaps you should pause to think what going forward actually means. At least for me, on the west coast.

    God bless you who are stuck in “LAKE FUBAR”

    I hope you see your day against these retards

    • Thanks for your input. I am sure you are not alone in thinking this Lake FUBAR can turn into he11 on earth real fast.
      Due to Google-NSA partnership I am sure many who have views like you express feel they cannot comment due to all the internet spying going on!
      People have to stand up sometime.
      Nothing to lose now.

  4. Is this crazy activity an after-effect from a big event in Chile?
    Thursday there was a 7.8 after shock there and the LA 10-03 monitor goes off the same way ….

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