Fluid Movement at Lake FUBAR at 10 P.M. Thursday + NEWS


It shows on many helicorders . . .  it looks like this (LA19):


 NOTE: Many large quakes in Central America after the big quake swarm (ongoing) in Chile. Wed. – a 5.9 quake in Panama … these may be showing also on the helicorders and sloshing everything around.

At 10:20 a.m. the monitors at LA10-01 and 02 went offline. Quake Watch guy gave a nice answer as to what might be going on there.


Oh, the helicorders aren’t turned off at LA10s. Check out Quake Watch‘s info for LA10-01 today. That’s what they don’t want people to see!

The Parish blog has an update today.

Deborah Dupré – Video Of Louisiana 30-Acre Sinkhole Eating Well Pad. People Next? Officials Worry


4 thoughts on “Fluid Movement at Lake FUBAR at 10 P.M. Thursday + NEWS

  1. Per the Assumptionla blog(to the side here) the South Berm re-route and ‘bringing it up to grade’..is ongoing. And STILL ‘releasing pressure on Oxy-3 from OXY-9 pad. Guess that is because Oxy-3 pad..sloughed in..
    “Containment/ Roads/ Sinkhole/Survey
    – Hauling clay for south containment berm re-route to bring up to grade”
    Wonder what height ‘grade’ is? Good question to ask..and then monitor then keep an eye on the subsidence there…

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