Stop an Awful Bill on Tuesday

Sent in: Please be aware that Rep. Robideaux’s HB862 takes away power from local governments.

Tomorrow, April 8,  HB 862 will be going before committee. This bill takes away the rights of local government and allows decision making concerning coastal management by the state.

“How many parishes are aware of this bill which takes their decision making away? Why was this bill created? What has failed previously that this bill is required.

I appeal to you to contact your representatives today to stop this bill from moving forward if you want to protect your local government’s and our rights as citizens.”

Contact these four state senators who are “undecided”, and urge them to vote AGAINST SB 553 because it puts Louisiana citizens in harm’s way.  No law should be retroactive.

Sen A.J. Crowe (985) 643-3600                E-mail crowea ‘at

Sen Dan Morrish (337) 824-3979                E-mail morrishd ‘at’

Sen Jonathan P. Perry (337) 643-6425        E-mail perryj ‘at’

Sen Conrad Appel (504) 838-5550                E-mail appelc ‘at’

You can call after hours if you wish and leave a message


Please support Bills by Senator Fred H. Mills to protect us from another Lake Peigneur type disaster by contacting your legislators.


  • SB584 SALT DOMES:  Prohibits the issuance of certain permits to create or convert a solution mined cavern in Vermilion and Iberia parishes.
  • SB585 MINERALS:  Requires public notice for certain solution-mined cavern permits in Vermilion and Iberia parishes.

5 thoughts on “Stop an Awful Bill on Tuesday

  1. Many of these bills limit or do away with local authority rights to represent their constituents. I keep waiting to hear one of them speak up or even ask questions when the bills are discussed. All’s quiet. Maybe when these go to final readings. I know there is a lot of corruption but these folks usually like to hang on to the power they possess in their little niche.

  2. Local govts. are the only ones who might look after the people. In the UK Cumbria county council voted against the nuclear dump and the UK govt. then decided they don’t have the right to decide. They changed the rules. Unfortunately, people don’t tend to pay attention to local or state government. Elected judges are perhaps the most important protection but who pays attention to that? Running behind all these people is also a full-time job plus.

  3. Retroactive – The same day SB553 was being heard in committee, just 2 bills earlier was a bill about DWI license revocation. Apparently, it had been ‘misinterpreted’, a woman was allowed her license and killed 2 persons and an unborn infant. The presenter explained that his bill proposed changes to existing law to clarify the meaning. He wasn’t asking that it be made retroactive…and how ridiculous would that have sounded. Yet, there are folks that justify making the anti lawsuit bills retroactive. People just really don’t stop and think things through. I guess we’re all guilty of that sometimes. Do you see the amount of bills and the amount of changes in each one? That’s not clarifying; that’s rewriting!!

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