Tuesday News

The Advocate Residents settle for $48 million in sinkhole lawsuit

KATC – Texas Brine reaches Bayou Corne sinkhole settlement

Mother JonesResidents Displaced by Massive Sinkhole Reach $48 Million Settlement With Mining Company

Thanks to Net Vibes for news links – 😉

Deborah Dupré – La. Sinkhole Nat’l Sacrifice Zone: Energy Refugees Settle, $48M

Washington PostVance McAllister is part of a long line of scandalized Louisiana politicians. A VERY long line.

The Advocate  – Court ruling may lead to higher taxes for salt caverns

“Some cavern owners like Dow, however, have claimed they followed the law, arguing the caverns are land confused, which means it’s not their job to report.”

The Parish Blog has an update. They are still on Code 1.


18 thoughts on “Tuesday News

  1. How many people are splitting the $48 million?
    This doesn’t look like much, does it?
    Could all the unreported dome storage have to do with former LA Gov Eddie Edwards and his entourage? It would be oh, so funny to see Edwards lose his young wife and get former Italian PM Berlusconi’s punishment of taking care of the elderly. They are both elderly themselves, anyway. Time they realized it.

  2. Well, no one can claim greed on the part of the residents! Settlement seems a little on the low side once it’s divied up but reasonable. Hopefully, they will see payments soon and can move on with their lives. Still sad that their community has been broken up.

  3. Oh! And, good for the parish!!! Can’t imagine that they weren’t on top of this before! Of course, the land has been “improved”. STORAGE FACILITY. Geeze!

      • One of Dow’s biggest and brightest star attorneys is Michigan’s Attorney General. Certain his political aspirations don’t stop there. It’s been interesting watching his movement politically as it’s a Dow movement, also.

  4. 90 properties or so it seemed in reading the press release, media. Lawyers capped at 25% of the take..It will be interesting to see what happens. Suffering and pain are also considered separate from property. Frankly, 48 M..is really about 500 K per property..and thats before the lawyers fees. I hope the residents can be made okay again. I worry about the situation and the fact RESIDENTS had to take legal steps to get their rights considered. Terrible.

    • I thought TB was released from further liability.
      So if later a family member gets sick they cannot go back and sue TB for causing it.
      Maybe that’s incorrect….

  5. Think this is good news, almost missed it , as I generally just click on the site and assume have already viewed previous articles. While it is hard to pack up and leave your piece of paradise, could hardly imagine hanging on to a piece of property that more than likely would ultimately kill you,,,,

    • “Piece of property”??? I’ll bet the people who lived there had another word for it. Bet that word was “Home”. Did you ever see and feel the film and emotions of Citizen Kane, Catbird? Somehow, it seems like you just might not get it.

      • Did not mean to sound so cold, this has been terrible from the start. Have been praying for the folks and was very worried they were not going to escape alive. Hopefully now they can find another piece of paradise to enjoy.

    • Some cannot leave without a fair settlement….. as it is primary home and many have other ties to community like work, family there etc. etc.
      And the people outside the imaginary line get nothing.

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