. . . and Now the BAD News —

WVUE – Reports of rumbling, shaking across Southwest Louisiana

By Michael Cooper

SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA (KPLC) – Starting around noon on Wednesday, KPLC began receiving reports about rumblings felt across Southwest Louisiana.

Viewers from DeRidder, Dry Creek, Elton, Gillis, Iowa, Kinder, Oberlin, Lacassine, LeBleu Settlement, Longville, Moss Bluff, Westlake, Oakdale, Pitkin, Ragley and Reeves said they felt their houses shake, windows rattle or heard loud booms. Some also said the same thing happened on Monday.

Kamreon Moreau, of Oberlin, said her house began shaking around 11:50 a.m. and that it lasted only a few seconds.

The United States Geological Survey has no record of an earthquake in Louisiana today but the USGS sensors don’t usually detect earthquakes under 2.5 magnitude.

You can view the USGS earthquake map HERE or by going to http://on.doi.gov/1el1I9M

NOTE: Very large quakes going on in Central America and Chile . . .  Nic_QuakesAp11


2.3 quake in Quitman, Arkansas

WEIRDNESS: Mysterious rumbling along [west] coast wasn’t earthquake, experts say

This is about California, not Louisiana – 10 Terrifying Lessons From the LA Seismologist’s Reddit AMA

. . .  We added new items to that post about Yellowstone Park . . .



10 thoughts on “. . . and Now the BAD News —

  1. Hmmm…rumblings, mysterious rumblings. Have to wonder about the north American craton and the deformed edge on the west side, not to mention the activity on the ring of fire. MYSTERIOUS rumblings arse

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  3. General topic — this was sent in —
    RE: Evil DOW Chemical Co. —
    The LA Times writes that Fred Upton (Mich. Rep. & Chairman of the Committee on Energy and Commerce) is the biggest threat to planet Earth on planet Earth and he began his political career in Dow’s district. (Dow HQ is in East Mich.) I knew Dow would have the final day in Bayou Corne as elsewhere in the world. They are behind all the fracking that’s happening as well as Keystone and tar sands.

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