Rare Good News Thursday

Parish assessor wins salt dome ruling – $500K more in property taxes to be collected yearly

” . . .  He [Attorney Brian Eddington, who handled the case for the parish]  said probably the biggest of these other cases is in Assumption Parish where a sinkhole, linked to another salt dome cavern, has eaten homes and threatened a major highway. That sinkhole covers more than 29 acres and is continuing to expand.Eddington said 13 salt caverns exist in Assumption Parish and locals have been largely kept in the dark about them until now. . .  “

” . . .  [St. Landry Tax Assessor Rhyn Duplechain ]  Duplechain said six taxing districts cover the area where the salt dome caverns are located. They will now share in the $1.3 million in escrow as well as the added $500,000 a year. . . “

Good. They got a pot of money. Now they can put up live cams around Lake FUBAR and make the feed available to the public.


Thanks to community input the Awful Bill was stopped, sort of. It was delayed til next week. Sent in: “This bill was put off until next week. They must have chickened out!  “

The AdvocateJudge grants preliminary OK in sinkhole settlement


10 thoughts on “Rare Good News Thursday

  1. M 5.1 – 5km W of Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua

    DYFI? – I
    Time2014-04-10 19:01:23 UTC-05:00Location12.168°N 86.395°WDepth10.0km

    M 6.0 – 84km SW of Iquique, Chile

    ShakeMap – VDYFI? – I
    Time2014-04-10 19:01:44 UTC-05:00Location20.748°S 70.724°WDepth17.5km

    Two big ones…

  2. THE HELICORDERS SHOW IT! A lot of sloshing going on see LA 12 and the others. OR..we had another burp event and slough in. About an hour or so ago..
    1930 April 10 2014.

    • when it’s a far away quake it shows on all the helis and when it’s a local event it shows on a few … is my take …

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