Many Talking About Yellowstone

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Nice geology graphics:



Added to our Yellowstone news page, Nature Runs Amok at Yellowstone,  is a new section at the bottom on Idaho seismic activity. Idaho is connected through the Intermountain Seismic Belt. There was a 4.4 earthquake today in Idaho.


11 thoughts on “Many Talking About Yellowstone

  1. Read this link from radioactivechat today. Idaho volcano is connected to Yellowstone.
    The “Red Alert” status for Borah Peak Mountain (the largest in Idaho), this report states, means that an eruption is forecast to be imminent with significant emission of ash into the atmosphere likely….Critical to note about Borah Peak Mountain and central Idaho, this report says, is that it is a part of what is called the Internmountain Seismic Belt (ISB) [photo map 1st right] which extends from Southern California and connects many of the Western United States regions, most particularly the Yellowstone Caldera, and is overdue for a catastrophic volcanic eruption event.

  2. Here’s a 45-minute movie from The History Channel on the Yellowstone supervolcano.
    Watch “Yellowstone Caldera : The Biggest Volcanic Erupti…” on YouTube
    Yellowstone Caldera : The Biggest Volcanic Erupti…:

    • On the main Yellowstone index page I added a couple of these.
      BBC one talks about how little warning there could be with Yellowstone type of volcano.
      I guess if it goes we won’t be able to chat about it here as electricity would probably go out everywhere …

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