South of Gulf of Mexico Shudders

The big volcano in Guatemala (MAP) may go off big time soon. It is showing signs. And the RSOE earthquake map shows big activity on the fault running up the middle of the Atlantic. This area may get more jumpy when Fuego blows:



15 thoughts on “South of Gulf of Mexico Shudders

    • BPEarthwatch has it … says it relates to Yellowstone …

      I will make a Yellowstone button for the sidebar …

    • I updated my Yellowstone page and added a new page all about it (an INDEX page) with a button on the sidebar.

      This is scary ….

    • MsReesa, check the link I left in the “comment” section of the Yellowstone activity article above this article. Idaho earthquakes may lead to volcanic eruption.

  1. North America could break off from south America
    Tuesday April 15, 2014 total lunar eclipse or blood moon.

    Just how big are the waves at the sinkhole ?

    • hmmmm … so I guess it is NOT a pump or apparatus at Lake FUBAR….
      I wonder if the gators are runnin’ down the road like those Yellowstone bison …

  2. When I looked at all that activity earlier, it looked to me that they might be connected to the big Solomon Island quakes… It does appear that some if the helicorders are either broken or offline.

    • mittensmittern
      You’re right about that Solomon Island Earthquakes.
      I was trying to point out the little quakes that were showing up on LA-12 recorder but not on the Arkansas recorder.
      Do you think those little quake at the sinkhole that there trees going deep six and the road as well.
      After seeing what I seen in that flyover i think the top of that salt dome is coming apart like a egg shell breaking apart.
      I think the land as well is breaking apart there, well it go deep six like in a underwater landslide

      Where I live at in East Tennessee we have uplift of land going on.
      We still-have rugged terrains in southern Appalachian Mountains
      steep slopes and river gorges and we got the Blue Ridge Mountains as well.
      The drainages of Tennessee river began in Virginia and goes all the way to Kentucky from there into the Ohio river.
      Tennessee river map.
      You ever see a river go north in the US well the Tennessee river does just that.
      Nashville water does not go into the Tennessee river or Memphis.

      • Thanks for info, Walter. Besides trees falling in it could be trees going deeper that are already submerged (sliding down the hole) … so they wouldn’t be seen in photos.
        Or it could be general chaos at the bottom of Lake FUBAR.

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