Huge Mexico Quake Shows at Helicorders

This GIANT 7.2 Mexico quake (Pacific side of Mexico) showed up at Lake FUBAR around 9:30 this morning.

RSOE has it listed as twin 7.5 quakes 2 minutes apart. (Since USGA has erased big quakes and low-balled quake data since Fukushima we try to include secondary sources.) heli_button

When we think we are just nervous Nellies about seismic activity reports something like this always happens.

Have a plan.





14 thoughts on “Huge Mexico Quake Shows at Helicorders

  1. Just looking at those helicorders, you know that it’s going to hurt…

    I hope they’ve finished that new berm to the south, because with all that extra rain water, the obvious instability of pad #3 and the current southern berm. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see more than a little subsidence after a ‘jello’ quaking shake like that.

  2. FCF, the dogs ALERTED before the 7.2 quake. Good, but sad, all I know is that there is going to be an earthquake in a few hours..or SOON in the Americas..North or South. The pups got terrified in the one we had in Virginia a couple years they tell me when they hear the sounds before hand. Interesting.but they got me up EARLY this AM to complain..and it was a noisy and active three little dogs getting me up and out. They do not act like this for anything else..just quakes.Next time, will give you a heads up when they react..and see if it pans out. Too bad they can not talk……

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