Contact Your Reps (Again!)

From Save Lake Peigneur –

SB 584 and SB 585 are to go before the Senate DNR Committee Thursday – April 24 (approximately 10-10:30 AM). Please contact the senators below & ask them to support these bills.

The Senate Natural Resources Committee will be hearing Senator Fred Mills SB 584 & SB 585. Additionally Bayou Corne’s bill by Senator Rick Ward SB 209 will be heard.

Date & Time :

Thursday – April 24….  following Senate adjournment (approximately 10-10:30 AM)

Location: Senate Committee Room A

Please contact by email and phone calls the Senate Natural Resources committee asking their support of these bills.

The bills will protect the drinking water for 15 parishes and 4000 citizens, the Town of Delcambre, 3 schools, surrounding Lake Peigneur. About Lake Peigneur

Your attendance to the committee hearing is most welcome.

Please let us know if a ride is needed we will do what we can to help.

  • Senator Long (Chair) 318- 628- 5799
  • Senator Rick Ward (Vice Chair) 225-246-8838
  • Senator Morrell 504-284-4794
  • Senator Allain 337-828-9107
  • Senator Amedee 225-644-1526
  • Senator Chabert 985-858-2927
  • Senator Morrish 337-824-3979

Thank you.

Nara Crowley
Board of Directors
Save Lake Peigneur, Inc.


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