Texas Brine has a Public Meeting TONIGHT at the Trailer – UPDATED

Parish Blog – Texas Brine Operational Update Scheduled Today

 At 5:00 p.m. at their command trailer.

The meeting videos are here.



4 thoughts on “Texas Brine has a Public Meeting TONIGHT at the Trailer – UPDATED

  1. What a crock of sh!t. Looking for fraud with unemployment and workmens comp, but we will turn a blind eye on the corporate polluters who are raping the state. They are good old boys who have town meetings on their current disaster sites. See no one is concerned as they do not show. [It is not really important that they announce the town meeting a few hours before they are happening and most folks are just getting off of work, and even if they got word of this late scheduled meeting, could not afford to take more time off of work, they no doubt have spent countless unpaid hours listening to the bs.] That would be my first priority in life to hear how they are stockpiling more sand for the new berm road, as lo and behold we never expected the old berm road to fail with all the tons of crap we have already piled on it…

    • oops … I thought you were talking about the WIPP meeting … 🙂
      Yes, they are just spittin’ in the wind at this point.

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