Weekend News & Monday WIPP News


This 5.0 quake in Guatemala may show on the helicorders.   It was at 10:30 a.m. Louisiana time.


2.2 quake at Fiftysix, Arkansas


Explosion at Georgia-Pacific plant in Corrigan, Texas – cause unknown


MAX ALERT! “GREEN BURST” At WIPP Electrical Substation Triggered By Deadly Radioactive Americium Cloud


15 thoughts on “Weekend News & Monday WIPP News

      • I hear there are small vibrations below the earth around the United States. Could these vibrations be loosening the soil? I wonder if these vibrations are occuring in Iceland also?

      • I think the whole plate is shifting like Dutchsinse says… but just opinion.
        If it is shown to be true when that incident happens we’ll all be goners.
        I also wonder what the impact is of sucking all the oil out of the ground and fracking etc.. Makes stone layers scraping without slickness usually there.

  1. Just thinking about the citizens of Bayou Cornes reembursement from TB., and posted on ENENEWS:

    For Three Mile Island, private citizens had to SUE the government..so then “insurance pools have paid approximately $71 million in claims and litigation costs associated with the Three Mile Island accidenT” –LITIGATION costs probably ate up all the moneys for the citizens..

    See NRCs sweet heart deal to nuclear:

    And after reading the yearly EPA audit reports..contractors use the superfund to make money from their whoops! Wonder how much money of the 12B is in place to help the general public!! It was never meant to be a business to clean up nuclear and hazardous waste. Like URS/WIPP accident, make the contractors pay for their own messes….with their profits first. Wonder how much they are going to make on WIPP cleanup?
    From the document “State governments pay 25 percent of the cost of temporary housing for up to 18 months, home repair, temporary mortgage or rental payments and other “unmet needs” of disaster victims; the federal government pays the balance” (what is not noted..AFTER LAWSUIT and litigation!). Well..what about the cost of personal property and health..non of which is covered by property owners insurance because the ‘US government’s Price-Waterhouse Act cover that with government funds.

    A recent good example of not much help. Look at what happened in the case of the Bayou Corne sinkhole where radioactive NORM was stored, saltdome failed. But nothing for the public from the US Government..zip nada. And not much from the contractor, Texas Brine, whose insurance carrier said they would not cover any expenses as it was fault of the contractor. I certainly see this playing out in other areas..like WIPP or nuclear plant accidents.

    • I think (not 100% sure) the reason for no fed help is what is explained on The Big Feud page.
      Jindal has to ask for the help.
      Jindal won’t ask because last time Louisiana got aid (Katrina) it was supposed to be 50/50 deal with state and fed monies with a certain time frame for state to pay back fed portion. Like a quickie low-interest emergency loan.
      But Louisiana pocketed the funds and hasn’t done the re-pay.
      That’s my take on it.
      And pollution watch-dogs have all been feed a truck load of sausages by the bad guys and they won’t even bark!

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