Lake Fubar Grumbles Overnight + Tues. Yellowstone News

LA 18 shows a constant grumbling at Lake FUBAR starting about 11 p.m. Monday night and all night long –


LA12 showed it too. You can see it on LA19 and LA17-01 even though they are  set on micro-settings.

They turned off the seismic monitors at Yellowstone. We have other updates too on the Yellowstone news page.


A good view of all of them at a glance from Quake Watch.



This is the chart page they are looking at.


21 thoughts on “Lake Fubar Grumbles Overnight + Tues. Yellowstone News

    • Guess the earthquakes in Chile, Panama and the Caribbean this AM April 30th, made the dogs unhappy. They have quieted down a bit now. They must hear the lower ranges of sounds–along the fault lines? I maybe crazy but the dogs are hearing something I can’t hear. And they don’t like it, and I don’t like it when they wake me up, or all suddenly jump in my lap and try to alert to an emergency. Too smart for their own good I think.

    • I tried to make a little page for this blog like that with just live links to each helicorder on a map of Bayou Corne and when I finished the art (took all day) I realized I had no generic links to the helicorders. The links are all date stamped 1-day charts…. not general link to an individual helicorder.
      So crap.
      Maybe Quake Watch guy knows how to do it.

  1. It is probably worth mentioning that the seismogram at the top of the page is not showing anything it does not normally show. If you look at previous days you find that the signal is always present. On days where there is a heavier signal at times due to teleseisms (distant earthquakes) or heavier traffic activity the overall sensitivity of the signal is reduced so as not to swamp the seismogram. Because of this activity in the quieter time is suppressed. On quiet days this does not happen and you can see the signal all day long. Find an image for a Sunday and see what I mean.

    In my opinion this is some sort of cultural noise (traffic etc),

      • According to TauP I calculate that the arrival time of the S wave should be around 07:02 UTC. The wave would show over some time span so in my opinion you are correct, that is the passage of the waves from the Loyalty Islands event.

      • No problem for Fukushima – too far away. Southern Honshu not Eastern Honshu. More of a concern to Tokyo and the predicted Tokai it was around the triple junction area. Not far from Mt Fuji – not good to rattle her too much.

      • Not quite sure why you provided that link? It clearly shows the quake is a long way from Fukushima and NOT as that person, named after a strain of cannabis plant, says on the East coast but off SOUTHERN Honshu. (About 322 km or 200 miles from Fukushima but only 75km or 46 miles from Fujisan)

        Is he saying it is close to Fukushima? Would not surprise me. I thought he had vanished into oblivion after his run in with USGS.

      • I think his point is there is a correlation between some quake activity in Asia and this string of volcanoes all going off the same week.
        I didn’t mention it as any particular relation to Bayou Corne. Just general geology news.

      • Yes I did understand that . What string of volcanoes? The world of volcanoes is very quiet since about November of last year. I don’t know if you are aware but I do a Weekly Geophysical report tracking activity on Quake, Volcanoes, Category force storm and Solar.

        Report for week ending May 2nd

      • Correct me if I am wrong but I believe he was simply saying the quake was directly between the 2 volcanoes and not that they were active.

      • oh.
        Anyway … that on blew up undersea on the 5th or the 6th.
        And the volcano-made-new-island island just increased in size a lot. We were talking about it on Radioactive Chat the other day …

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