Crosstex Crams OVER 200,000 BARRELS of Butane into Well #1

We thought we’d look to see if Crosstex has has an update lately.

Has it ever! This update from April 27 shows they have a huge amount of butane now in the cavern near (soon-to-be-stable) Lake FUBAR! We guess they are handing out e-cigarettes to workers!





 MORE on Crosstex’s butane caverns 1 & 2.


3 thoughts on “Crosstex Crams OVER 200,000 BARRELS of Butane into Well #1

  1. Wonder who their insurance carrier is? Wonder if said carrier is aware of Crosstex activity. That might be a way to stop the storage or make it more reasonable in size like zero.Of course, if the insurance company thinks it is okay…would love to know the reasoning. HOPE ITS A LOTA MONEY FOR DAMAGES!

    I can see it now,” Hello Crosstex, we just received your insurance application.. Let get this right, Crosstex stores 200,000+ barrels (barrels is it?) of butane next to a giant actively collapsing sink hole in a marshy bayou. .By ‘next’ we mean within 100 yards of the KNOWN surface edge of an active sink hole, right? Radioactive waste, NORM, has been stored in that same sinkhole. Methane gases are being tapped from various areas due to large underground upwelling from the sinkhole collapse, gas is under the aquifers and has migrated to areas near the Crosstex cavern. Taking this all into consideration, Crosstex created and filed a updated plan as required by State of LA , right? Plan considers sink hole collapse, cavern collapse, methane gas, NORM interacion, subsidence of land, tremors/earthquakes, all known risks, right? You are monitoring the site, pressures and containment 24X7, and providing daily updates as required by the State of LA written regulations, right? So what are the risks. Lets see the seismic risk plan, emergency plan, and the logs for the 24X7 monitoring. What is the worse case scenario you project? OH, HUM Welllll..cough cough GASP……CLICK.( DIALTONE Sound)

    Wonder who CrossTex insurance carrier is? And how MUCH insurance they carry. At this point, its not a Texas Brine issue if Crosstex stores butane in a KNOWN danger area….

    • I’m sure if something happens the insurance co. will wiggle out by saying they weren’t informed of blah, blah, blah …
      I want to see the NEXT update. Will it be even MORE butane or half the amount? Is there really no OTHER place to store butane besides next to an uncontrolled cavern collapse managed by Texas Brine brains???
      NO other place???

    • I forgot to say they have huge capacity at that cavern but are using a fraction of it (luckily).

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