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46 thoughts on “Craton Plate Moving From Fracking – Dutchsinse

      • I know, I know. It’s the same as your video flyingcuttlefish. I watched my video and posted before I watched your video.

      • It still is worth a double link!
        Now I feel better about posting all this Yellowstone news …. (far from Louisiana).
        Louisiana and all of the Gulf coast will be affected by any movement in N. American Craton Plate.

  1. In the last 24 hrs we’ve had two quakes both 6 on the Richter scale…

    M6.0 – 23km ESE of Ito, Japan
    2014-05-04 20:18:24 UTC


    M6.0 – 9km S of Mae Lao, Thailand
    2014-05-05 11:08:43 UTC

    Only the second of the two quakes actually affected the helicorders…

    LA 10 bottom

    the trace can be seen commencing at 07:14 CDT ( 12:14 UTC )

    Ito, Japan scores a big, fat 0 on the ‘Sloshy scale’, whereas Mae Lao, Thailand scores a ‘perky’ 2.5.

    The only reason that I can think of for the difference is that though Ito is closer than Mae Lao, the quake was deeper at 155.1 km and Mae Lao was only 7.4 km.

    • …If your beginning to think that I’m going nuts ( more than usual 😉 ) in coming up with the ‘Sloshy Scale’, it’s a somewhat subjective view of ‘wave action’ by the fluid brine against the salt walls of the cavern.

      The fluid contents of the cavern don’t have to dissolve the salt to cause a breach between caverns, the waves cause by the quakes can do just as much damage, rather like the effect that storm driven waves can have on a coastal cliff.

      But the added problem is that it won’t be just the ‘breached’ cavern that’s affected, it’s all of them, and it’ll have started as soon as mankind created those caverns.

      • yeah, I agree. That’s why I made that big art banner for ‘Fluid Movement’ since I think that type of a chart signals more danger than the usual seismic activity ‘twang’.
        We need to make our own vocabulary for what is happening at Lake FUBAR.

      • Yes that was Mae Lao, a perky little minx that got Thailand jumping at 11:08:43 UTC.

        The BLOB just after it was probably just a rock breaking off.

    • I am thinking these OK (constant) quakes ar from fracking. On the quake map they are all in the same spot near the KS border …. not scattered all around the state.

  2. Where is ORW’s 4 and Oxy 9 well pad at ?

    I found it.

    May 5, 2014
    12:15 p.m. Update from the Office of Conservation
    ORW/CPT Wells
    – Continuing pumping on ORWs 4 (northwest of containment berm), 14 (Oxy 9 well pad), 15 (north of La 70, east of Gumbo Street), 48 (north of containment berm) and 54 (west of Bayou Corne, south of La 70)

    • I know …. WordPress put the whammy on you and they don’t post until I tick off the ‘approve’ button. They are supposed to go in automatically.
      Sorry …..

  3. Rare Earthquake Warning Issued for Oklahoma.
    While scientists haven’t ruled out natural causes for the increase, many researchers suspect the deep injection wells used for the disposal of fracking wastewater could be causing the earthquake activity. Fracking, short for hydraulic fracturing, is a method of extracting oil and gas by cracking open underground rock.;_ylt=AwrSyCXSRmhTIQ8Ab37QtDMD

    • wow …
      I read a rumor that there is a ‘project’ in OK to make these quakes on purpose to alleviate western states’ quake risk. But just comment goin’ around.

    • …and it did at 16:21 CDT ( 21:21 UTC )…

      LA 10 bottom

      though it only rated a 1 on the Sloshy scale, hardly panty wetting material, pathetic really for an EQ of 5.9, but you’ve got to go with what your given.

      • I call that a slosh …. kind of a pulse from that area … like a food processor

  4. The UTAH Helicorders at Yellowstone are showing “activity” – Minor earthquakes (normal) and what looks like harmonic tremors (not normal)?

    There seems to be a distinct lack of info about this from USGS. Anyone any clues? With the USGS helicorders going offline at the height of apparent activity last week due to a “fault” it makes you wonder. Also, no live feeds on the cameras at the park, only snap shots – internet speculation is that it’s because live feeds are showing ground movement due to constant quakes?

  5. Watch May 7-11 for sloshes/events due to disturbances due to magnetic changes or sun spots. Time will tell. Home is quiet right now., yesterday last night, lets just say the Chile quake was heard in Virginia, the New Guinea quake later.
    Yes, that ‘wave’ video of the USA waves after the russian quake, eye opening. Slosh slosh slosh.

    • on the sidebar, in the Science section, I have a link to Live Earth & Sky website with all kinds of space wave graphs etc. for readers to look at…

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