Wed. News – Sloshing at Lake FUBAR After Midnight, Volcano Off Galveston

LA12 shows it.  So many large, foreign quakes it could be affected by them.

Strange Sounds – First discovery of an asphalt volcano off Galveston, Texas


(Old story) Booms heard over Hutchinson, Kansas. Earlier story – How Officials in Kansas Located Trouble Pocket of Natural Gas in 2001


12 thoughts on “Wed. News – Sloshing at Lake FUBAR After Midnight, Volcano Off Galveston

    • and the other day I have a map of a huge quake swarm in Puerto Rico area (deep sea trench there) … on the FC blog.

  1. A little note on the OK EQ’s…

    Just to the south, approx 100 – 150 km there’s a small fault system called the Meers Fault South eastern section.

    The name does sort of imply that it is a lot longer, and probably more connected than people think.

    The other end is most probably connected to the fault systems that run north to Yellowstone, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the eastern end connects to a section of the New Madrid fault system.

    Normally it wouldn’t be a problem in the short term, but some idiot has given those ‘moronic frackers’ permission to play with their little erector sets, in an area that could, possible, set off something more annoying than an increase of EQ 3’s.

    Analogy :: If you have a block of jelly ( strawberry by preference, cream optional 😉 ) the size of a small car, and you hit it with a large hammer, that jelly block is going to wobble, and not just at the impact point, but all over.


    Fcf… I think the spam-bin want’s you 😉

  2. Yellowstone Volcano Eruption: Report Claims That US Has Contingency Deal With Brazil, Australia.
    That’s according to the South African news website Praag, which said that the African National Congress was offered $10 billion a year for 10 years if it would build temporary housing for Americans in case of an eruption.

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