Nature Runs Amok at Yellowstone II < UPDATED

( . . . continued from Part 1)


More of the Idaho info and resources are on the part 1 page at the bottom.




May 5 – Yellowstone’s East Lake Event is Still Going Strong and California’s Activity Also (Video)

West Coast Volcanic Unrest – Yellowstone EQ Swarm

May 6 – It’s up, up and away for ancient trapped helium at Yellowstone   – (seems to have originated in Feb. frowny )

PHOTO: Ken McGee / U.S. Geological Survey

(April 8) What Helium Can Tell Us About Volcanoes


(old) Ancient Helium Is Escaping From Yellowstone by the Ton < Video

unverified:  U.S. Keeps Yellowstone Eruption Secret; Australia Agreed to House Casualties < this looks like another hoax article … we don’t want to get fooled again. Epoch Times on same.

Yellowstone Caldera: More Magma, Less Eruptible

Challis, Idaho still shaking awaylive quake list
May 5 –

May 4 –

1.5 quake1.6 quake

May 3 –

3.8 quake

Yellowstone Volcanic System Larger, More Stable Than Originally Thought

“. . .  the researchers found that the increased size of the volcano includes lots of stable material — that is, solid rock — and less active magma. The percentage: 85 percent solid material and 15 percent (at the most) magma. . . “

(old) USGS says they have unreliable helicorders at Yellowstone and readings showing jumps are just mistakes. “Some faulty readings from a seismometer tracking activity in the Yellowstone National Park area has some folks predicting an impending Yellowstone volcano eruption, but U.S. Geological Survey officials say the data is bad.”

May 7 – DutchsinseWest Coast Volcanic Earthquake Movement @ Dormant Volcanoes , Extinct Buttes, and old mines

Past 7 days earthquakes M2.5+ in the USA

May 8 – L.A. TimesEarthquake: 3.2 quake strikes near Mammoth LakesMAP

Dutchsinse’s opinion on it: “If the name of the street (which is very short by the way) is because of an old Quartz mine at the location, then we can safely assume via an educated guess, this 3.4M event falls in with the rest of the 3.0M+ events this past week…. volcanic related, not fault zone.”

Is US government working on secret evacuation plan in case Yellowstone megavolcano erupts?

May 16 – Dutchsinse has an earthquake map showing US activity for the past week.. . . showing as a 3.4M on the NW edge of the craton in Montana

May 17 – This screen grab from the ANF Map today shows a new small earthquake (red box) southeast from Yellowstone National Park. The earlier, larger quakes this week are in grey and blue.


May 19 – 2.0 quake in Montana, north of Yellowstone < MAP

(old) The Giant, Underestimated Earthquake Threat to North America
The enormous fault off 
the coast of the Pacific Northwest has been silent for three centuries. But after years of detective work, geologists have 
discovered that it can
 unleash mayhem on 
an epic scale.

May 20 –

May 22 –


May 23 –


May 24 – [15] Recent Earthquakes in the Intermountain West

(old) Are Hungry Bears in Yellowstone Attacking Humans for Food?

2.8 quake in Aurora, Utah (has MAP)


“Yellowstone moved multiple inches…” :


May 25 – 1.6 quake near Three Forks, Montana (has MAP)

May 26 – Huge Colorado mudslide – Pictures and Video – from The LA Times  Dutchsinse on it – he says it’s from fracking


May 30 – Z-zip Goes the Western Edge of the Craton Plate < 5 quakes

May 31 – 3.3 quake at West Yellowstone, Montana

Quake triggers 2 Orange Alerts [1] [2]


NETC shows high radiation at Idaho Falls, ID (home of nuke facility).


June 33.2 quake in West Yellowstone, Montana < same place as May 31st!

3.5 quake, same area  3.1 there too 2.7 near there  and 2.1  – scroll down the RSOE page to see the text list if more happen. There were 10 quakes in 3 days there within 2 miles.

3.4 quake at Yellowstone > see also comments

Before It’s News – Yellowstone: Major Cracks Form? Red Alert Alarming Activity!



Swarm of earthquakes in Yellowstone Park

June 4 – Quakes today at West Yellowstone, Montana


3.2 & 3.3 quakes at Mammoth, Wyoming < MAP  There were 10 quakes there in the last 2 days.




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22 thoughts on “Nature Runs Amok at Yellowstone II < UPDATED

  1. some new things also added to the part 1 page today …
    did this part 2 page because it will take too long to load if I keep adding to the other page…

  2. May I humbly suggest that, assuming it’s not to late, that the option of ‘Yes… But also have anew blog that covers both subjects.’ be added to the poll.

    If both blogs carry the posts, then you would get twice the coverage. Those that prefer just Sinkhole related articles, and those that prefer just Yellowstone articles.

    As an eruption at Yellowstone also affects the sinkhole, it makes logical sense to have a blog which conflates both subjects.

    • I would keep the links to Yellowstone news if i do a new blog.
      The new blog is attractive as I could do a sidebar with links to the you tube people covering it regularly and the popular websites covering it.
      It does affect B.C. … but there’s a crushing amount of info and news about Yellowstone that needs better organization.
      The Bugle started out as just a post on the FC blog and I made it separate when the news got bigger and bigger.

  3. 2014-05-08
    17:00:22 UTC M6.8 GUERRERO, MEXICO
    20min ago Depth:54 Km
    248 km SW of Iztapalapa, Mexico / pop: 1,820,888 / local time: 12:00:22.1 2014-05-08

    • I already posted the quake.
      … I’ll add this … I’d be running faster than those bison if I were there!

  4. An article about the current Yellowjelly swarm. All very normal apparently…–Yellowstone-Earthquake-Swarm

    HELENA, Montana — Seismographs have picked up a swarm of earthquakes in the northwestern corner of Yellowstone National Park, including dozens early Tuesday.

    The University of Utah Seismograph Station reported five small earthquakes including those with magnitudes of 3.4, 2.7 and 3.2 in a 20-minute period starting at 3:33 a.m. in an area 16 to 18 miles south of Gardiner.

    Earthquake information specialist Paul Roberson says there were another 20 to 30 small quakes Tuesday morning that hadn’t yet been posted on the university’s website. He called it a fairly normal swarm for Yellowstone. He didn’t expect there to be any damage.

    Seismographs recorded 31 quakes in the same area south of Gardiner on Saturday, while another 23 were reported last Wednesday and Thursday in an area between 18 and 19 miles east-southeast of West Yellowstone.

    • thanks – yeah, I just did a search on USGS and did a mini-list for the page. I expect it will keep up all day like that.
      Calif. is getting bigger and bigger quakes near L.A. .

      • We all know they have some catching up to do and “the big one” is long past it’s due by date. Maybe it will happen, cause your sinkhole to collapse in on itself and Yellowstone to pop it’s cork. I certainly get the impression there is a degree of “fragility” at the moment.

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