Thursday – Seismic Smackdown!

What the heck??


Big seismo shows on LA12 this noon.

It shows pretty much everywhere.


Maybe it’s this huge 6.4 quake in Mexico

LATER – 6.8 quake in Mexico

See if here – at 1:18 mark –



30 thoughts on “Thursday – Seismic Smackdown!

    • Well something definitely fell in Walter, but whether it’ll have an effect on the surface, is open to question.

      The effect is definitely stronger at LA 12 and LA 18 which are, if I remember correctly in close proximity to the junction of the ‘old’ south berm and the ‘old’ west berm. Curiously, also the point on the berms that is closest to the Mexico EQ.

      We may be looking at the berm going ‘deep six’ again.

  1. WE HEARD BOOMS in Virginia around noonish, sounded like some big gun or artillery boom. And the dogs heard them too. Very clear loud booms, two of them!

      • it may be because it held so many of them for ‘approval’ instead of just posting them …
        Wordpress is operating very slowly today, slow servers ….

  2. The helicorders tell a tale..the BOTTOM of the bore holes…show the sloshing at a ‘perfect 10,” the higher up measurements, not as much. But certainly looks like a ceiling or wall or at least something fell at Bayou Corne sinkhole. And today was a strong magnetic flare hitting earth from the sun too..

    • I have some solar flare news on the sidebar with the RSS feed and I usually ignore it but these huge M6+ quakes all over the world this week give me pause.
      LA18 going bananas too.

      Of course no word from APPJ blog.

    • I’d say more of a 6, if it was a 10 the fault-line beneath the sinkhole would have kicked in, and Louisiana would have gone bye-bye.

      But definitely a 6, which is more than enough to make me check that I have enough clean underwear, just in case 😉

  3. Click on (Full Story) for Video.
    I have never seen a meteor storm before.
    GET READY FOR A NEW METEOR SHOWER: May 24th could be a big day for meteor astronomy. That’s when Earth is expected to pass through a cloud of debris from comet 209P/LINEAR, producing a never-before-seen meteor shower. Meteor rates could exceed 200 per hour, and some forecasters have even mentioned the possibility of a meteor storm. Get the “Full Story” from Science@NASA.

    • the other night my dog got up about 3 a.m. and when I went out to see what it was I couldn’t see anything … but at 3 a.m. all the birds in a yard about an acre away were twittering like mad.
      It could be a stray cat … I didn’t see anything on the quake maps later. But those birds in the night were a really disturbing sound. It never happened before …

    • Keep things like bottled water, extra cash on hand. ATMs rely on electricity and konk out in a power outage and you know stores run out of water first thing!

    • I just sent you an email flyingcuttlefish and it was returned. My emails have been going through fine before tonight. You said the last time I was having problems that you still received the email even though it was returned. Could this problem be blamed on sunspot activity?

      • oh, hotmail is alllll messed up today.
        Try again tomorrow.
        I just sent 2 e-mails that bounced and MSN had a little pop up about their tech. difficulties. I think MSN is just extra crummy now.

  4. Read the comment about the birds chirping away all night long…I live 30 miles north of New Orleans, and the birds have been singing all night, every night this Spring. My husband noticed this first, and I stay up late every night, and they are indeed chirping like its a bright sunny day…only its 3 am and dark! I’ve listened closely, and I believe they are mocking birds. It runs through a course of varying bird song, like a mockingbird. Definitely not killdeer, which are a common bird sound at night here. Wacky birds to say the least. Could thier intetnal timers be off a few hours since the earth has tilted on its axis after the Japan ewrthquakes and sunami?

    • yes, here it wasn’t all birds … just one noisy set of them. Pitch dark.
      Maybe a bird quarrel.

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